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Glimepiride Questions

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Metformin - I take four 500 mg metformin at bedtime and have disabling IBS-D every single day...

... with the worst being in the morning. Please advise. I take one 4 mg glimepiride in the morning as well. Need the pain and diarrhea to get under control.

IF you are allergic to Erythromycin, Doxycycline & Penicillin can you take Glimepiride?

Could Glimepiride cause all over itching with no rash or bumps? Thank you

What the difference between Getryl and Daonail tablets?

we us e2 type tablets for sugar control... 1 getryl 2 daonail what is the diffirince between these

Glimepiride - does glimpiride cause hair loss?

Ive been taking glompiride for bout 3 months now and im worried that im actually losing my hair in i know its not the other 2 medicines im taking please help thank you

Glimepiride & Glibenclamide - what is the difference?

I am in iran. we have glibenklamide(5mg) and amaryl (2 and 4 mg). is there any differenves betwenn them? can i take amaryl in 3 steps in a day?(before breakfast,launch and dinner, 2 mg ,totaly 6mg)? regards

I have type2 diabetes & take metformin. Can I take chromium picolinate for my weight loss?

i have type 2 diabetes and my weight is 220+ pounds. I take medication through pills (Glimepiride (1 Mg) and Metformin Hydrochloride (500 mg) twice a day... can i take 800 mcg of chromium picolinate a day for my weight loss as per my BMI and to lower my blood sugar level...

What is the difference glimepiride and glyburide?

Is it OK to take glimepiride with Trulicity ?

What is the half life of Amaryl?

Metformin/sitagliptin - What the cause of high blood sugar in the morning?

Am taking Janumet 50/1000 mg twice daily one at afternoon when i wake up and 2nd will be at 11 pm and taking glimepiride 2mg after lunch sometimes ill have hypoglycemia once during the day and when i wake up in the morning ill have high blood sugar without eating anything please guide me

Will metformin and glimepiride raise my blood pressure ?

i take a bunch of pills for my various problems but when i eliminate the two in question, my pressure is fine

Mode of action of glimepiride?

What is the best way to take Glimepiride?

how should glimepiride be taken? Is it during the meal, or a certain time period (5 minutes, 10 minutes, etc) before or after a meal?

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