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Giant Cell Arteritis Questions


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Starting Actemra for PMR, RA and GCA looking for others currently using Actemra?

Posted 19 Sep 2016 by Nitrobunny 7 answers

Hello! I am starting Actemra next week. I was Dx with PMR in 2004 and in January of this year and landed in the hospital with GCA and the worst headache of my life. I also have RA. I switched rheumatologists and my new one recommended I research and consider starting Actemra. I would like to know ...

Giant Cell Arteritis - I was just diagnosed with GCA this week and currently in a horrible flare up?

Posted 20 Apr 2017 by militarymom68 4 answers

... How long do these last and how often? Can I expect to be normal again? I cant work or sleep at the moment. My hands, neck, jaw and head hurt severely. I'm on 60 mgs of prednisone and pain meds and muscle relaxers

Are you inflicted with Giant Cell Arteritis or know someone who is, do you know about methotrexate?

Posted 20 Nov 2012 by jack cox 4 answers

My wife was recently diagnosed as having Giant Cell Arteritis and has lost vision in one eye. Amongst other medications, she is currently taking 30 mg. of prednisone daily. Are you inflicted with GCA or know someone who is. She may be prescribed a substitute drug called Methotrexat!! Are you ...

Polymyalgia Rheumatica - I may have poymyalgia rheumatica with giant cell arteritis.I started Sat.?

Posted 9 Dec 2011 by sherri678 4 answers

... on 15 mg. prednisone. My doc had me start 60mg. today. I have scalp,temple and cheekbone pain among many other areas. I have a biopsy of the temoral artery on mon. I have to schedule a bone scan also asap. Anyone have good advice about the prednisone or any of this?

How do I relieve itching and rash associated with reaction to prednisone?

Posted 14 Mar 2016 by ijps 2 answers

I have been taking prednisone to alleviate giant cell arteritis. I have developed a very itchy rash. I am unable to stop the itching? What are your suggestions for controlling or eliminating the rash and the itching?

Giant Cell Arteritis - prednisone caused steroid induced diabetes, what can I do besides more meds?

Posted 28 Oct 2012 by linnieg100 3 answers

Hi. I was recently diagnosed with Giant Cell and started on 100 mg of prednisone. Within a few weeks I ended up with steroid induced diabetes, and am having trouble keeping the glucose levels even, due to the pred..anyone have any suggestions besides MORE drugs? knowing that prednisone changes the ...

Diagnosed with Polymyalgia Rheumatica and Giant Cell Arteritis in April 2013. Since then have?

Posted 10 Aug 2013 by Etsil 4 answers

... tapered from 60 mg to 15, but at 15 began having giant cell symptoms again so have been back at 60 mg for three days. Before that dosage relieved my symptoms, but this time I am still having scalp tenderness, headaches, calf cramps, eye aching--all worse with exertion. Anyone else have this ...

Is it safe to take Melatonin while taking Prednisone, Azithromycin, Aggrenox?

Posted 9 Apr 2015 by sodcurry 1 answer

I am 82 yrs old and have Giant Cell Arteritis, hence the prednisone. I also take Aggrenox and have for several years following a TIA and Endarterectomy. The Azithromycin is because I have a cold and my immune system is compromized because of the GCA

Giant Cell Arteritis - Can prednisone be split into twice a day instead of all in morning?

Posted 21 Nov 2012 by barb h 2 answers

I have been dx with giant cell arteritis on Oct 25th by primary doctor. This was after temporal bx, increased sed rate and crp. I was put on 60mg/day of prednisone. Labs were repeated one week later and greatly improved. My question is can I split that dose 30mg twice a day? I haev a rheumatology ...

Giant Cell Arteritis - 4 months ago out of nowhere I started having daily headaches. They got?

Posted 28 Jan 2017 by juliab13 3 answers

... worse, and now are disabling. Mostly on left side, but also forehead and back of head. Jaw pain, fatigue, depression, and a little scalp tenderness (but that may be just because of headache.) My GP is looking into GCA. Question - I have bulging temporal arteries when I am in a bad headache, ...

Giant Cell Arteritis - Hello, I am 41 years old. A month ago I started to have severe headaches,?

Posted 12 Feb 2017 by MayNWI 3 answers

... Temple ear, jaw and felt like top of my throat pain. I couldn't sleep on my bed bc the pressure was too great when laying down. I had/have to sleep in my recliner. I went to see one urgent care doc who gave me a zpak; said I had a headache and bronchitis. Needless to say that didn't ...

Giant Cell Arteritis - How to counteract the effects of long term Prednisone use?

Posted 7 Jan 2018 by Judy5 1 answer

I am a 73 year old woman, newly diagnosed with Temporal Arteritis. The treatment is long term Prednisone, the evil miracle drug. At my age my bones are already compromised, so what do I do? I refuse to take those horrible drugs for Osteoporosis, and take care of my bones with supplements. Also, I ...

Giant Cell Arteritis - GCA Patient Paid Study: Day in the Life Interviews?

Posted 12 Sep 2017 by GCADayInTheLifeStudy 1 answer

... have a medical diagnosis of GCA. Ideally, I would like to talk with 8 people per region in the northwest, northeast, south, midwest. This study pays $150.00 per patient interview. At-home family caregivers are welcome to participate in the interview per the GCA patient's request. The ...

Giant Cell Arteritis - I was diagnosed 1 year ago, is this a death sentence.

Posted 23 Feb 2011 by miimii 3 answers

I had to have open heart surgery due to the aneurism from this disease. My head never feels 100 % right. disease? prednisone?

Giant Cell Arteritis - How long until you were able to reduce your Prednisone? I'm at 30mg. I keep?

Posted 8 Aug 2013 by Rachel330 3 answers

... trying to reduce but my symptoms keep returning and I have to resume 30mg

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