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Can you eat grapefruit while on Lipitor medication?

Posted 6 May 2010 by slacker1956 1 answer

I was told by someone who is on Lipitor that they cannot eat grapefruit while taking it. Lipitor is a statin (I believe) Is Gemfibrozil?

I just received a false positive for methamphetamine?

Posted 19 Jan 2018 by Mackcuff 2 answers

I currently take oxycodone 10mg qid, oxycontin 40mg bid, Atripla, doxepin 100mg, clonazepam 3mg, tamulosin .4mg, trazodone 100mg, cyclobenzaprine 30mg, gabapentin 1500mg, gemfibrozil 600mg, dutasteride .5mg, azelastine hci 205.5mcg, ProAir albuterol sulfate inhalation aerosol. For 2 weeks I was ...

Gemfibrozil and meal timing?

Posted 4 Feb 2015 by HighTris 1 answer

So, just so I'm clear ... The instruction to take Gemfibrozil 30 minutes before eating is not because it is blocking anything during digestion (preventing fat absorption, or something) -- but just so that you'll have an empty stomach when you take it; right? I could conceivably take my ...

Can Gemfibrozil affect Blood Glucose Level?

Posted 21 Sep 2013 by Raneym 1 answer

My average blood glucose level has gone from 134 to 190 in 14 days. Is this normal? I have been taking 10 more units of insulin the last 2 days with out much success.

Does gemfibrozil contain stantins?

Posted 9 Apr 2010 by sandfray 2 answers

I take 600mg of Gemfibrozil I am alergic to stantins and am finding allot of the same reactions with the gemfibrozil. My joints ache severly, I am retaining so much water that my skin is splitting in several places on my arms and legs. I have allot of blurred vision and halo's when looking at ...

Gemfibrozil - how do I take these, best 30mins before food, do I wait 30 mins before having coffee?

Posted 4 Nov 2012 by merline 1 answer

I have just started this medication and understand that I should take it 30 minutes before food, but in the morning, I usually have a cup of coffee when I get up. Do I need to wait 30 minutes before having coffee?

Can gemfibrozil or atorvastatin cause cramping in feet or lower legs? This mostly happens when I...

Posted 10 May 2018 by LWS73 1 answer

... am in bed and change sleeping position and or stretch my legs. I have to stand to get cramps to go away. This can happen Up to 4 times a night. I am 73.

Has anyone taken gemfibrozil that has had hepatitis c? Gone through the treatment program for the?

Posted 22 Feb 2010 by mpcinc 1 answer

... hep-c and could not take crestor. Really done want to do anymore damage to liver. Is there anything save ?

Does gemfibrozil cause an increase in creatine kinase?

Posted 13 Jul 2010 by Phyllis Goodenough 1 answer

My CK has climbed up over 1000. (It was 8,900 in 2005) and then went down to 156 over the years. Now it has started to go up again. So far - no kidney or liver problems. Cardiologist suggested that elevating CK could be due to gemfibrozil. I stopped taking lipitor in 2005 when I got weak and muscle ...

I am taking gemfibrozil and my foot has started to hurt very bad and is swollen is it normal?

Posted 20 Feb 2011 by gregory69 2 answers

After taking Gemfibrozil for 2 weeks my joints where my toes are connected to my foot hurt alot without any unusual exersize or any new movements. My foot is swollen up past my ancle

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