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What is the dose of gaviscon?

Posted 17 Nov 2009 by ahahmed 1 answer

Can alcohol be consumed when taking Ranitidine 2 times a day - glass of wine with dinner. Thank you?

Posted 2 Jan 2015 by barrettsJKG 1 answer

I have just been prescribed ranitidine, 150 mg, 2 times a day, plus Gaviscon 2 times day, for Barrett's esoplagus. I enjoy a glass of wine with dinner in the evening. Can I consume that amount of alcohol? I am taking these two prescriptions because I have had bad stomach reactions to other ...

Can I give gaviscon to a child under the age of 3 months,and how much?

Posted 26 Feb 2013 by chanbar1234 2 answers

My son is 2 months old and im struggling with his stomach aches.i wonder if its not heartburn.can u please help me.thank you

Is gaviscon ok for people with mild hypertension?

Posted 15 Apr 2013 by piety 1 answer

Where can I obtain the original British version of liquid "Gaviscon" with "algaenate"?

Posted 5 Jul 2011 by dfmon69 1 answer

The original British version of "Gaviscon contains 'algaenate" which forms a top layer above the stomach acid which helps to keep it out of the esophagus. This will also allow other medications to be fully absorbed, since it doesn't totally coat the stomach lining. A Pharmacy in ...

If I take Protonix and Gaviscon for GERD(I separate the meds from my Klonopin by 2 hours)will it?

Posted 3 Jul 2012 by mograce1 1 answer

... still affect how the Klonopin works.I'm on Klonopin and Viibryd and feeling no relief from anxiety.The depression is not going well.I don't cry but I have no desire to do things,I force myself.I have been treated since 1987 and they have tried so many meds I can't even remember ...

When the gaviscon is contraindicated?

Posted 26 Oct 2013 by zahraaalyaseen86 1 answer

Barrett's Esophagus - Omeprazole seems to give me diarrhea and gas. Is there another medication for

Posted 14 Dec 2009 by Chase Pug 1 answer

... Barrett's that is not likely to give me those side effects. How about something like Gaviscon or Mylanta?

Gaviscon - Wher can I find the tablets in the box so I can put in my purse?

Posted 16 Aug 2009 by 4786 1 answer

I live in Akron and I can't find the Gaviscon in the box wher there are 2 together so I can take them in my purse. Can you tell me where?

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