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Fungus Questions

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What is the best over-the-counter nail fungus treatment?

Can I wear nail polish if I have nail fungus?

How do I get rid of nail fungus?

Can clobetasol be used for toenail fungus?

Is nail fungus contagious?

How long does it take for diflucan to start working?

I’ve been taking Terbinafine for 4 weeks and stopped. How long for it to exit my system?

I started taking this for toenail fungus and was prescribed for a 3-month treatment. In the beginning of me taking this medication I didn’t really have any symptoms. More recently I’ve been experiencing bad headaches, inability to sleep, feeling hot/swollen, and have gained some weight.... read more

How long should I take terbinafine?

I have been diagnosed with Dermatophytosis of a toenail and prescribed terbinafine how long is the standard program to cure this fungus?

Terbinafine - How long after a 3 month treatment should the nail completely grow out?

I only have fungus in 1 toenail. I took a 3 month course of terbinafine. Now 6 months after treatment ended the nail looks good about 1/4 to 1/2 the way up. It's like the diseased part just won't finish growing out. I trimmed it back, but I'm hoping that's what I should have... read more

Nystatin - How do I apply to vagina? Is it safe?

It says “do not apply medication on vagina” my doctor prescribed this to me to prevent vaginal fungus how would i apply?

Cephalexin - Does this treat toenail fungus?

Can I use triamcinolone cream in place of clotrimazole and betamethasone diptopionate cream?

As treatment for athletes feet or a skin fungus?

Nizoral and Ambien safety?

Does anyone know if it is safe to use Nizoral (ketoconazole) cream for a foot fungus and Ambien at night for insomnia? I found that there is a moderate interaction with both of them however I also take an ADHD stimulant, a mood stabilizer (lamotrigine) and bupropion during the day. I know I should... read more

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