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Fracture, bone Questions

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If 50mg Tramadol doesnt take the pain away can I take 2? Im prescribed 1 every 6 hours as needed for

Posted 1 May 2012 by sc300soarer 9 answers

... pain and it isnt working! any suggestions? i have a broken ankle.

What is the best Pain Medication available in the USA?

Posted 13 May 2011 by browndog001 8 answers

Almost two years ago I was in a car wreck and had 18 broken bones. Three fractured Vert. 5 inch spike through Sacrum into Pelvis. 2 crushed ankles, 2 steal bars in legs with 26 small screws holding together. I also Wore an external fixater, 2 rods drilled into my Pelvis for 2 to 3 months then they ...

Options for post pain management agreement injury?

Posted 9 days ago by Shane11 2 answers

I have pain management for 2 compression fractures in my spine along with a permanent broken bone in my hand. I am prescribed 2-3 10mg Percocet a day. I recently just broke my thumb and I had to take extra the last few days for obvious reasons, they will not give an early refill (only a few days) ...

Can pushing on a broken nose cause it to become more crooked?

Posted 18 days ago by Jessjenkins 0 answers

I hit my nose around 6 weeks ago and it got very swollen and hurt terribly. The pain and swelling subsided about a week later and the shape of my nose didn't change so I didn't think that it was broken. However, as time passed and I moved on with my life, I still didn't feel right ...

Fracture, bone - I fell off a roof shoveling snow and ice about 25 years ago, the fall left me with?

Posted 30 Nov 2016 by Vlwidri 1 answer

... a badly bruised leg. I did not seek treatment at the time but now I am almost 60 years old and my leg causes severe pain for me. Is there anything that can be done after so many years?

What kind of pain meds are safe to take with Azilect and Ropinirole?

Posted 20 Sep 2016 by Sapphirebee 0 answers

I broke my ankle and they ask me what kind of pain meds I could take. I have no idea this is all new to me!

I am on 40 mg er 2times day and 10 mg every 6 hrs for pain not working being switched to Opana?

Posted 18 Jun 2016 by J36065 1 answer

I was curious about what mg would be equal and I need a little more in pain now. I have a shattered hip broken arm was in hospital bed couldn't move 4 20 days can't get pain tolerable I'm 34 healthy have a high tolerance unfortunately from 12 years ago

Fracture, bone - My sister had a humerus bone surgery on 2nd March.25 screwed and a titanium plate?

Posted 1 Jun 2016 by Sehr 1 answer

... was put inside since it was a very complicated fracture.After three months, she feels a lot of weight( tons) on that shoulder and says it feels the arm is made of stone, it's so stiff.Can anybody tell us why she has this feeling? She is miserable

Fracture, bone - MONGTEGGIA FRACTURE - In August of last year, I fell and broke my arm, resulting in

Posted 12 May 2016 by BentBottrell 0 answers

... a MONTEGGIA FRACTURE: A Fracture AND Dislocation of the elbow. I broke my arm in 4-5 places and have to have a plate and 10 screws put in my arm. I would like to know if anyone here has had this kind of fracture and discuss their outcomes?

How long after I break my ankle can I wait to get it casted?

Posted 11 May 2016 by waiteforme3 1 answer

I broke my ankle (fibula) exactly one week ago and am STILL not in a hard cast. I was put in a boot the day of and told to follow up in a week. We went back early by a couple days because I was in unbearable pain and they put me in a soft/temporary cast. It happened at work so I have to wait for a ...

Should I see a doctor about my shin?

Posted 23 Mar 2016 by Aro3 1 answer

One day I was running and slipped on stairs. My feet slipped through the space between the steps and my shin hit the stair step(which is a wooden board). The left side wasn't so bad but the right hurt like crazy and FELT like it had been dented in (but didn't look like it). Soon, it ...

Hurt my shin more than 3 years ago, still hurts now. What do you think?

Posted 3 Apr 2016 by JJCrandall 0 answers

My friend kneed my shin over three years ago. (It was an accident, by the way). It's never stopped hurting to this day. Usually it's fine. It mostly acts up when I am kneeling on a bench, if there is some sort of pressure on it, etc. Lately though, the simplest touch can cause a burning ...

Reclast - Does Recast impact healing of broken bone?

Posted 6 Mar 2016 by lisp 0 answers

I fell while skiing 1 month after iv with Recast and broke wrist. Will it heal properly with this medicine in me? Thanks

How much time will it take for my broken arm to fully recover and be able to do sports again?

Posted 16 Feb 2016 by MaximeS 0 answers

I broke both my ulna and radius, skiing on the 31st of december. I did indeed require surgery with 2 wires in both bones for them to be relaligned. The surgeon back in France said I would be on full recovery by March and I'd be fine to ski again then. However, the surgeon in here in London ...

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