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Florinef Questions

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What alternatives to Florinef are available to treat Addisions Disease? Where can I get them?

Posted 26 Nov 2009 by cam71 3 answers

I live in Singpapore and have been informed that I can no longer get Florinef. I need a replacement drug. I also use prednisolone.

Can amlodipine betaken with fludrocortisone?

Posted 9 Oct 2018 by SisterPat 0 answers

I have Addison's disease and take hydrocortisone and Florinef. Is amlodipine safe to take because I am experiencing stiff muscles and aching legs?

Can I taper off florinef?

Posted 14 Nov 2011 by PurpleButterfies 3 answers

I have no money so can't afford my prescription this month and dont know when Im going to be able to so i was wondering if it would be safe to taper myself off of it. I take .10mg a day. I have 4 pills left. Could I take half of one for the next 8 days without having horrible withdraws??? I ...

Adrenal Insufficiency - what r the affects on the body with long term cortisone and florinef. my?

Posted 10 Oct 2012 by mera30120 2 answers

... bones r bad, but what else may have been affected? internal tissues? i had a nine yr. misdiagnosis of schmidts syndrome- tri endo= thyroid.ovaries and adrenal. double dosed when under stress so 25 and 25 1/2 time was 50 and 50. floranif , i forget..think it was just 5mg or 10 mg daily. thank u

Florinef - can it cause hyponatremia?

Posted 2 Aug 2009 by debdunn5 1 answer

I am a nurse. A patient has been taking Florinef for a long time and has hyponatremia.

Fludrocortisone - I have gained 10-15 lbs since being on Florinef but I went off it with my drs.?

Posted 17 Apr 2010 by 77arizona88 2 answers

... permission 10 days ago.I work out and eat extremely healthy but I can't lose the weight. How long does it take for the bloating/weight to go?

Florinef - are the side effects worth it?

Posted 22 Feb 2011 by dbirdie1 2 answers

Mitral Valve Prolapse - My 13 yr old daughter has MVP & her Dr wants to put her on Florinef for her symptoms. Are the side effects worth it?

I just came off Florinef after 10 years. How long will it take to get back to normal?

Posted 24 May 2014 by GrandmaGina 1 answer

I got all kinds of side effects suddenly in February that baffled the doctors until they figured it was the Florinef. I have been offit two weeks but nothing much is happening and they wil not let me drive until I get back to being myself. In particular I am having trouble with my legs.

Can you buy florinef without a prescription?

Posted 2 Sep 2010 by valle 1 answer

Florinef - I have been Dx with POTS for a little more than a year ago. My Dr. Is increasing my?

Posted 3 Nov 2011 by POTS 1 answer

... forinef from. 1 to. 2. I am nervous. Any words of wisdom?

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