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Fibula Questions

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Voltaren Gel - Does Voltaren reduce bone pain?

Posted 17 Mar 2017 by mochamuscle 2 answers

A friend had a compound fracture of his tibia and fibula one year ago. The fracture has healed, but he still has inflammation and superficial and deep bone pain. How deep is Voltaren gel absorbed

Fracture, bone - I am seven weeks for a fibula fracture. I have a bar too long screws and five?

Posted 26 Apr 2017 by Mrsmarmon 0 answers

... small screws holding me together. I am learning how to walk with a walker. I'm having issues with it because I have carpal tunnel in my right hand. I have had to go back to using my brace on my hand do to pain and weakness. I was suppose to have surgery about 7 weeks ago but I fell and ...

Can amitriptyline help pain in foot after broken ankle it is more painful now than when I done it?

Posted 7 Apr 2017 by Val bedford 0 answers

I broke my fibula in ankle six months ago had boot on then physio done exercises etc now my foot is very painful when walking seems worse than when I broke it have been put on 20mg of amitriptyline how long would it be to feel any relief if these tablets were to help

What does this mean, how is it treated, is this a serious injury, left untreated?

Posted 4 Feb 2017 by laursam007 1 answer

Avulsion fracture of the tip of the fibula malleolus with some calcifications in fibula calcaneal ligament, widened, lateral mortise, indicating significant lateral injury correlation , possibility of calaneal fibula avulsion injury which may be chronic. Treatment would be placed in sugar tong ...

How long after I break my ankle can I wait to get it casted?

Posted 11 May 2016 by waiteforme3 1 answer

I broke my ankle (fibula) exactly one week ago and am STILL not in a hard cast. I was put in a boot the day of and told to follow up in a week. We went back early by a couple days because I was in unbearable pain and they put me in a soft/temporary cast. It happened at work so I have to wait for a ...

Broken fibula no bone growth after 11 weeks should I worry?

Posted 29 Nov 2015 by callumwilkinson 0 answers

Hi, I'm 20 and whilst playing football I suffered a fractured fibula and tore my syndesmosis joint. I required surgery 8 screws and a plate for my fibula and a syndesmosis screw for my syndesmosis joint. After 11 weeks post op no bone growth had occurred, should I worry? Also my doctor told me ...

Broken fibula?

Posted 12 Nov 2013 by pepper1202 1 answer

I have broken fibula 2 months ago and now doctor says the healing is online but he want to be on cast for 2 months, he does not explain in details. Is this possible. thanks

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