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Depo-Provera - 6 months off Depo and still can't get pregnant?

Posted 17 Sep 2012 by actressnow1 18 answers

I'm 25 years old and had my last shot of Depo in January of this year. I was on Depo for about 6 years. It really messed up my body - 4 years without a period followed by 2 years of non-stop bleeding was not a good time. It's been over 6 months without Depo now and I'm trying to get ...

Could I be pregnant? (Nuvaring)?

Posted 25 Sep 2013 by SoClueless 3 answers

I started using Nuvaring on the 19th of September. I had unprotected sex with my boyfriend on the 21, 22 and 23. He didn't pull out and we didn't use a condom and when I checked my dates I was fertile from the 17-23 and ovulated on the 22nd. So technically I started using nuvarig while I ...

Pregnancy - does bromergon and clomid helps in fertility?

Posted 13 Apr 2012 by mercy obojeghren 1 answer

i find it difficult getting pregnant

Does viagra affect sperms and men fertility?what is the risk of taking viagra once daily on longrun?

Posted 6 May 2012 by momooo 1 answer

i am taking viagra 50 mg once daily and i am 33 years old

Sildenafil - does viagra affect fertility or the sperm fertilization capacity ?

Posted 29 Apr 2012 by morsh 1 answer

i am a man 34 years ( married ) and i m trying to have a child , will viagra affect my fertility ?

Is it safe to use Maca while on birth control?

Posted 12 Jun 2015 by gm478 1 answer

Ive been on Microgestin Fe 1.5/30 for about 8 months now and have been on birth control for about 2 years now. I wanted to start taking Maca, however I read that it involves hormones and fertility increase. Is this true? Basically, could I take both and still be protected of unwanted pregnancy? ...

Has anyone had their fertility affected by the Lexapro drug?

Posted 12 Nov 2013 by 9z8y 3 answers

My husband and I have been trying for four years for another baby(had no trouble with the first) and no other cause can be found,,, and I have been on lexapro 10mg for around 12-18 months for anxiety and mild depression (no doubt helped along with no baby). With no luck on the baby side of ...

No period for year+ after stopping Depo Provera?

Posted 18 Oct 2015 by asuka 2 answers

Hi guys. I'm a 23 year old female. So August 2014 was the last time I got the shot, and I'd only had a total of 3 at that point. I haven't had any signs of fertility or my periods returning. I have no insurance, so the last THREE times I went to the clinic about this, they completely ...

Doctor - does viagra affect men fertility?

Posted 6 May 2012 by momooo 1 answer

33 years old man and taking viagra 50 mg once daily

Psoriatic Arthritis - Enbrel and male fertility?

Posted 4 Mar 2011 by zjr58 3 answers

Has anyone heard of data associated with male factor infertility or abnormal fetus development stemming from use of Enbrel for PA? My rheum suggested that I be off the drug for 3 weeks prior to conception, but was unable to point to any studies or data indicating any real risk. Thoughts?

Effect of TB drugs and male semen production?

Posted 28 Sep 2011 by Ehiome 1 answer

Isoniazid (INH) and Rifampin TB drugs on Male fertility

I took the morning after pill 5 days ago and have bleeding today?

Posted 4 Jun 2017 by chelsea0 1 answer

5 days ago, the condom broke after he had already ejaculated. I took action and got hold of the morning after pill around an hour later. I had absolutely no side effects, except maybe a little bit of moodiness, until today when I noticed a small amount of bleeding. I'm wondering if this is ...

Does clonazepam affect fertility?

Posted 16 Aug 2018 by Pcolicci 1 answer

I'm currently weaning off clonazepam, I want to be off completely before I get pregnant. However, I've been on it for almost 10 or more so years. We are not currently "trying" but we are not using any contraceptive. I feel like I should have had an "oopsie". I'm ...

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