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Ferrous Sulfate Questions

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What is the typical dose of ferrous sulfate?

Will Alcohol Interfere with Oral Iron Supplements for Iron Deficiency Anemic Patients?

Will heavy alcohol consumption interfere with the effects of taking Ferrous Sulfate orally for a person with has Iron Deficiency Anemia

Does ferrous sulfate cause weight gain?

I have gained alot of weight since the fall. I am on numerous meds and wanted to know if this iron pill will make you retain water or gain weight?

Ferrous sulfate vs elemental iron from dried ferrous sulfate?

Ferrous sulfate has 65mg elemental iron per 325 mg, dried ferrous sulfate has 50mg elemental iron per 160mg. The RDA percentage listed on the bottles 47.5mg ferrous sulfate is 264%, while 50mg of elemental iron from 160mg dried is listed as being 277% of RDA. This cannot possibly be correct. ... read more

Can I take Ferrous Sulfate tablets that are a couple of years old?

Recently diagnosed with anemia. A couple years ago same diagnoses. I have left over Ferrous Sulfate... (2yrs) have doctors app't in 2 weeks wanting to take leftover FS what would you suggest? Robert

I have been prescribed Ferrous Sulfate 325 mg. I have Feosol 45 mg?

Can I just take 7 pills of the 45 mg to get the same dose or is there a difference in the make up of the meds that would make this not ok

Can Ferrous Sulfate make you lose weight?

I am wondering if it can help you lose weight. I have never taken this medication, but it has been prescribed by my doctor and I want to get to know more about this medication.

If taking 325 mg of Ferrous Sulfate, and ran out; how many tablets of 65 mg of elemental iron?

would be needed to replace it. The box says something about 220 mg of Dried Ferrous Sulfate.

Is Ferrous sulfate and ferritin the same thing?

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