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Eylea Questions

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Does Medicare cover Eylea injections?

What is the difference between Vabysmo and Eylea?

What’s the difference between Eylea, Eylea HD, and Avastin?

What are anti-VEGF drugs (VEGF inhibitors)?

How long does Eylea or Eylea HD take to work?

Does Eylea have a biosimilar?

What biosimilars have been approved in the United States?

What are the biosimilars for Actemra, Avastin, Enbrel, Epogen, Eylea, Herceptin, Humira, Lantus, Lucentis, Neulasta, Neupogen, Prolia, Remicade, Rituxan, Soliris, Stelara, Tysabri, and Xgeva? List of all biosimilars approved in the United States.

Does Eylea and Eylea HD raise blood pressure?

What is the difference between Eylea and Eylea HD?

When do the Eylea and Eylea HD patents expire?

Eylea - How long does the eye pain last after injection?

Thanks for your replies. Has anyone had both eyes injected at the same time and what was the experience?

Eylea - severe, sudden headache and loss of vision after injection for 10 mins. eye pressure went to

My first injection of Eylea I got a migraine. My second injection I had severe, sudden headache with loss of vision everything went black only seen flashes of white specs and my eye pressure went up to 67. Has anyone else had these side effects? Don't know if I should go for third injection... read more

Can alcoholic drinks affect results of Eylea injections?

I have received 22 injections of Lucentis and am now on my fourth injection of Eylea. I consume two alcoholic drinks per day and would like to know if this could cause negative results of these injections. Thanks for an early reply. cf

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