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Estring - Can’t get it out!!! Help???

Posted 10 Dec 2017 by MissyMatilda 2 answers

I’ve tried bearing down, latex glove, lubrication, I can’t grasp the ring. Any helpful hints?

Do you need progesterone if you are using estring and uterus is in place?

Posted 27 Sep 2010 by christine jang 1 answer

what sort of drug levels are noted vs. oral pills.

Can Estring be harmful to my husband during oral sex?

Posted 13 Aug 2009 by debberino 1 answer

I presently take a bio-equivalent estrogen primarily for reduction of vaginial dryness (and painful sex) and for hot flashes. My Dr. prefers that I use Extring -- she says that it isn't systemic since it treats the vaginal dryness topically. My husband, though, has concerns about possibly ...

Is it normal for Estring to change color?

Posted 2 Sep 2009 by katie911 1 answer

When I insert my ring it is a pale almost cream color. When I change it after the 90 day period it is yellow. Is this normal? I have no problems with it. I had a radical hysterectomy 7 years ago and have been using the E string for ~ 6 years now.

Patinet expiration date for Pfizer Estring?

Posted 13 Aug 2014 by masonowen 2 answers

Is losing hair a side effect of Estring? I am losing a lot of hair.

Posted 19 Aug 2009 by hairdoc 1 answer

I have alot of hair to begin with but noticed the hair seems silkier better condition but lot less of especialy on top is this normal? will my hair grow back?

How do I remove the estring?

Posted 20 Aug 2010 by ziehlna 1 answer

I am unable to remove the estring. any suggestions???

I am 58 years old, have a history of breast cancer in my family and am very concerned about using?

Posted 15 Jan 2011 by pepperpark 1 answer

... any HRT. I have been using vagifem for the last year and my doctor just suggested trying the estring. Is the estring stronger, more dangerous, than vagifem? Is it safe to take this form of HRT? Thank you!

Has anyone else had any problems inserting the Estring?

Posted 25 May 2013 by Uncomfortable 1 answer

It seems rather large to me. I just put it in this morning. I can not get it up there very far and I can feel it trying to push it's self out. I am small. But, is this normal?

Has the estring been associated with causing mucinous granulation tissue of the cervix?

Posted 28 Oct 2014 by granulation 1 answer

in an 80 yo demented female with atrophic vaginitis

When will Estring be available?

Posted 11 Apr 2015 by Mary Neuhaus 1 answer

Madame or Sir: Why is the Estring 2mg vaginal ring going to be available for patients? I understand there are long back orders. Thank You, Mary Neuhaus Madison WI

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