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How long does it take for Errin to be effective?

Posted 17 Aug 2009 by smrlurj 1 answer

Condom broke. On errin birth What's the risk of pregnancy?

Posted 31 Oct 2013 by Chach 1 answer

Okay so I had sex with my boyfriend and after we had finished he realized the condom broke. I've been on Errin the birth control pill for about 3 months now. And only time I got my period while on the pill was the first week I started taking it. Anyways I take errin somewhat irregularly. Like ...

I am on errin I have been for about almost 3 boyfriend And I had sex the other day and?

Posted 14 Nov 2013 by Areana96 2 answers

We didn't use a condom but he didn't ejaculate inside me or anything but I haven't gotten my period yet. This is only the 3 rd period I think ill b having On this medicine and it hasn't come when it's suppose to so is it just regulating my period or should I be concerned ...

Errin - how long does it take for bleeding to stop?

Posted 24 Aug 2009 1 answer

I have been bleeding for 17 days now and been on the pill a month and a half from switching off the normal pill. When will bleeding stop? All the doctor's office says is give it a total of 3 months to see if it will regulate. But what if i bleed the whole time?

Errin - no periods and not pregnant,Is this normal??

Posted 9 Feb 2013 by Nikkinik227 1 answer

I have been on errin since June 2012 and we are now in feb and i still havent had one. I took several pregnancey test and they all came out negative. Is this absent period normal?? Please Help!!

Errin - I lost my pack halfway through and started a new pack right away from the beginning?

Posted 22 May 2014 by gmcoates13 1 answer

Illstmy pack of pills about two weks into the pack i immediately got a refill and started the new pack from day one. i got my period early and atrributed it to beginning a new pack but now that i am at my actual due date for my period i realized its five days after i was supposed to start it i had ...

Taking Errin mini pill, late period?

Posted 3 Aug 2015 by Artist77 1 answer

31 f with no children. I have been taking Errin mini pill for approximately 9 months and have never missed a pill nor have I taken one late. ( I have been on hormonal birth control for 15 years) We always use a condom as well. My period is now five days late, and although I have had irregular ...

Do I start another pack of Errin pills after the first month is done or do I wait for a week?

Posted 26 Jul 2010 by tippett14 1 answer

I am a user of the birth control Errin, and it is a generic brand of Ortho Micronor. It has a complete four weeks of pills and I don't know if I just start another pack of them or do I wait a week for a period. Help?

My daughter just started taking Errin .35 mg for sever menstrual cramps. Dr. instructions say to?

Posted 7 Dec 2010 by RenaeA 1 answer

... skip the placeboes for 3 months so she won't have periods but all the pills look alike and if I read the package info right there are no placebo pills. Other questions and answers on this site sounds like she will have a period anyway. Anyone know what is correct?

I am on Errin Birth control now for 2 months and I just started my third month and still have not?

Posted 16 Dec 2010 by peenail 1 answer

... had a cycle yet. Is this normal

I have been on Errin for over 3 years, once stopped how long can it take to get out of your system?

Posted 20 Feb 2011 by Anonymous4523 1 answer

I've been off for 3 weeks now, still haven't had a period, taken several pregnancy tests which are negative, and am severely depressed, which is why I stopped taking it.

I went through my first pack of errin and I was due for my period one or two days ago and I still?

Posted 9 Oct 2013 by Areana96 1 answer

... haven't got it and I don't really feel like I am anytime soon... Is that normal? Is it cuz of the medicine?

I have been on errin since feb this year and not once have I had a period I woke up this morning?

Posted 13 Nov 2013 by kris08 1 answer

... bleeding went to the hospital and they don't know if its a period or and infection I'm not bleeding like i do wen i use to have periods. i didn't miss any doses is this normal?

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