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Elocon Questions

We found 14 questions associated with the 'Elocon' topic.

I have skin infection around my vagina, can I use Elocon to treat this?

Posted 2 Sep 2010 by elizabeth31 2 answers

Antibiotics are not clearing it.

Alopecia areata with Elocon???

Posted 25 Aug 2013 by Anna Kandjarova 1 answer

I am Anna.I have alopecia areata .HELP me,please

Pigmentation problem on the face, what is the permanent / best solution?

Posted 19 Mar 2011 by bunnyboy 1 answer

on the dermatalogist's prescription only i have undergone 8 sittings of chemical peeling too besides using / applying shade uv lotion, brite night cream and elocon cream at the suggested timings. if i discontinue the medication the problemof pgimentation is repeating . what is the permanent / ...

My doctor is asking me to mix a little Ketoconazole (Nizoral) with 2% cream with Elocon 0.1% cream?

Posted 28 Jun 2011 by patty p. 1 answer

My doctor is recommending to mix a little Ketoconazole (Nizoral 2%) cream with Mometasone Furoate (Elocon) 0.1% cream and put on areas of my face where I have developed bad acne. I am 52 years old and I am thinking that my acne is coming from my changes or also some stress I have. But I wanted to ...

Elocon - Can you use Elecon on your penis ?

Posted 13 Jan 2014 by alango 1 answer

i have eczema on my legs since i was a kid, i have had a flaring up on my penis again, i had it many years ago and i think it was Elecon my doctor prescribed and it got rid of it in days. has anyone else used it in that area ??

Elocon - is elecon available over the counter?

Posted 22 Jan 2014 by dexter17 1 answer

I have had a red itchy rash around my bottom area for several months. My doctor diagnosed it to be a

Posted 2 May 2010 by Francis Austin 1 answer

... fungal rash and perscribed Lamisil Cream on the rash and Grisovin tablets to take. After 2 months is hasn't helped. I had Elocon Cream for another finger rash problem and I recently tried this on the bottom rash in desperation. The rash almost immediately looked and felt better. My ...

Can elocon cause a yeast infection?

Posted 14 May 2010 by hopefulhelper 1 answer

Im using elocon for last three years on my face daily, but I didnt see any side effects till now?

Posted 16 Jun 2013 by balapadhu 1 answer

Shall i continue using it? If i dont use it for a single day, my skin tone becomes black. Im very much worried.

Is elocon safe for mild skin rashes?

Posted 18 Apr 2010 by panipuri 1 answer

I have a problem- I cannot wax my arms nor epilate them to remove hair since I end up with a rash. I have tried moisturizers and skin creams but these small pimple-like boils appear when my hair is growing back and take about a month or two to disappear. My dermatologist suggested I try elocon. Has ...

Who has had an experience where Elacon has worked on hand and foot psoriasis?

Posted 3 Jun 2010 by Ishe 1 answer

I have not been able to find anything to successfully control psoriasis on my hands and feet and would like to know if elacon may help and if it can be purchased in Australia? It seems to be getting worse and I am unsure if the treatments make it worse, or if its just the nature of the condition.

I have itchy crawly skin. I scratch so much I have lost my hair on my arms?

Posted 16 Jul 2010 by hellen31 1 answer

i have had this problem for 12 is only on my arms.first dr said it was a symptom of menopause. dr gave me elocon will this help. my skin is not dry. i have tried antihistemines differant creams and only ice helps relieve it. do not use soap any more. heat aggravates it..

I have very very dry skin as it cracks open a lot of the time. I have been using Elocon and even?

Posted 20 May 2015 by Mature Student 1 answer

... before I have spread the cream around on my hands it has been obsorbed into my hands. Is this usual as I have to use even more of the cream. During the dry I have to put lots of plasters onto my open cuts. I also have Fibromyglia as I know that dry skin is one of the sytoms. Is this all normal ?

Elocon - Why after a least two years of using Elocon scalp lotion my scalp is still red and itches

Posted 6 Feb 2017 by e brawn 1 answer

My baldness is becoming worse. I am also taking 200 mg twice a day of hydroxychloroquine .

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