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After taking elmiron for two days, my symptoms are worse. I had rapid heartbeat the first day, and?

Posted 16 Mar 2011 by LJAY 4 answers

... fatigue. Now, the start of the third day, my stomach is burning, as well as my urinary tract worse than ever before even while not urinating. Has this happened to anyone else?

When and why was Elmiron (pentosan polysulfate) discontinued?

Posted 9 Jun 2011 by themadmd 1 answer

I was told by a pharmacist that the production of Elmiron was discontinued. Is that true, and if so, is there a suggested replacement for treatment of Interstitial cystitis. This was working for the patient and now she cannot get hold of it.

I have been taking elmiron for 6 years. I have had blood in stools and rectal bleeding (as well as?

Posted 21 Dec 2012 by countryfile 2 answers

... hair loss). I'm waiting for a ct scan of my colon. Has anyone else had these symptoms?

How important is it to take Elmiron on an empty stomach?

Posted 21 Sep 2013 by jtwallace 2 answers

Elmiron 100mg take 3 times a day

Is urgent diarrhea a side effect of Elmiron?

Posted 22 Sep 2016 by Shoefreak70 2 answers

I have interstitial cystitis and have been on Elmiron for over 2 years. I have frequent urgent diarrhea 6-10 times daily should I be concerned?

I have Interstitial cystitis. I have tried Elmiron, Clorpactin instillations. Urocyst installations?

Posted 19 Nov 2010 by cater 1 answer

... Bladder distention & have now started rimso-50 instillations. I am to have this every 2 weeks but was under the impression that weekly would be a more agressive approach to the Hunners ulcers that I also have. What are the side effects & would it be reasonable to have the treatments ...

Is Elavil cheaper than Elmiron?

Posted 26 May 2011 by justbidonit 1 answer

I take Elmiron for Interstitial Cystitis and Lexapro for depression. The Elmiron is $230 for a 90-day supply and that's only 2 a day. I did better on 4 a day, but can't afford it. If Elavil helps both conditions, that would be super helpful to me, especially if it's cheaper. If ...

I'm having a hard time finding a drugstore in my area that I can get Elmiron.Can someone help?

Posted 18 Jun 2011 by Margaret johnson 2 answers

Rite Aid says they cant get Elmiron and they dont know why can you tell me what drugstore still carries it.

Elmiron - my hair is already very thin, will I been part of the 4% who loses hair?

Posted 24 Feb 2012 by Blue London 2 answers

I have just started elmiron. I am to take it two times for the first month, then three times after that. My hair is pretty hang thin. its shoulder length, but if you wrap your thumb and index finger around all my hair (like if u were making a pony tail), the circle made from your thumb and finger ...

What can anyone tell me about using calcium citrate to help with IC?

Posted 13 May 2013 by Capeachgrl 1 answer

I'm currently taking Buffer PH. 2 tablets 2x daily and Elmiron... I an a new case but trying to repair and get this under control as quickly as possible. Any and all info on dosage and brand would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

Can Elmiron affect ALT blood test?

Posted 6 May 2014 by emmvk 1 answer

My ALT level increased from 13 to 53 in one year and only change was adding Elmiron. Can the medication elevate ALT levels?

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