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Eligard Questions

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Eligard - My husband started on a 6 month shot in March. He has severe shaking and freezing cold?

Posted 31 May 2016 by Bgmorris 0 answers

... attacks. Have to wrap him in several blankets during this time. Usually last 15 minutes before subsiding. Is this a normal side effect? Also hot flashes and tiredness

Eligard - My husband just started the treatment. He had the cryo done in 2014. In March his PSA was?

Posted 21 Dec 2015 by lantzwife 0 answers

... up to 2.4. He didn't do anything. In November it was 10.0. Last week he decided to go in and see what treatment the doctor suggested. The option he took was this. Got the shot (goes back in April). Before he got the shot they tested him. Called with the results 2 days later. They said it ...

I am a 51 year old woman. I got a shot of Eligard to bring on menopause. I have been dizzy and?

Posted 20 Oct 2014 by 51lady 1 answer

... light-headed since the shot. I have left upper leg pain, and some chest pain and all over bad feeling. The mgs. of the shot was 75. When will this get out of my system? I am very sorry I got the shot

Should my husband take a second eligard 45 after his 45weeks of radiation? His cancer doctor says?

Posted 29 Jul 2014 by Lorelei Elizabeth 1 answer

... no and his urologist says 1 more. We don't know what to do

I had a 30 day shot of Eligard-how long will it take for this to leave my body?

Posted 16 Feb 2014 by Larry Roberts 1 answer

Within 2 wks of shot, had side effects of low libido, muscle & joint discomfort with one night of "night sweats" + some fatigue. My PSA dropped from 52.27 to 12.26 as of 02/13/2014. Approximately how long would it be for the medication to leave my body if I did not take another shot? ...

What should we do if we miss a doss of Eligard?

Posted 16 Oct 2012 by khalique_nj 2 answers

My father is suffring from prostate metastases doctor advice eligard inj I was missing a dose what i can do, can i continue the inj... or any other option i do for better recover it pls advice me

Do I have to be on Hormone treatments if I had a prostatectomy?

Posted 21 Jun 2012 by ruiantao 2 answers

I was diagnosed with Stage 4 Prostate Cancer at the age of 42. Have been on Eligard for about a year. It was explained to me that this treatment can only starve the cancer not kill it , mean while it looks for something else to feed off. Getting tired of the side effects (sweats, fatigue, sore ...

Eligard - How long does the drug affect the body after stopping it?

Posted 2 Jan 2010 by hhheath590 2 answers

.I have been on the drug for 13 months and I have elected not to continue the drug. How long before I see normal body functions return. (specifically water retention, ears ringing, and shortness of breath.) I was put on lasiks because the water retention was so sever it caused trouble breathing ...

How long will you have to take the shot?

Posted 22 Sep 2010 by nonnakim 1 answer

My husband was injected w/ a 3 month shot. It has been 41/2 months and the side effects still cont?

Posted 7 Jun 2010 by eaw86 2 answers

How long for the hormone to ware off and he will return to normal. he is still averaging 20+ hot flashes a day, no libido, lethargy,etc. I'm starting to think he was injected w/ a 6 month supply. Help. He had his prostate removed April 12, so there is no need for the hormone. Why is it still ...

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