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Ejaculation Questions

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Had sex day after period. Took Plan B and bled a week after again?

I had unprotected sex the day my period ended (no blood) It was only for a few minutes and he pulled out but said he wasn't close to ejaculation. But after so much paranoia and research I found out about pre-cum. I took Plan B one step about 2 days later (48-50 hours) After 7 days after taking... read more

Can I get pregnant if he didn't go inside?

I know there is such a thing as pre ejaculation... We didn't have sex but we were close. I'm not sure on how this works being that I am a virgin and new to all of this but I'm late on my period and idk if it's because of this. He never went inside but his genitals were rubbing... read more

Premature Ejaculation - I have suffered from PE since day one of having sex at 16, I'm now 40 and I?

... am getting divorced because of the PE. Every sexual partner I have had has been disappointed and not very supportive so it became very cold and nit very affectionate, I have not had self esteem since I stated having sex and the depression and anxiety and lack of self confidence has really... read more

Milky white discharge during sexual intercourse?

My girlfriend and I were having sex and when I took out my penis, there was milky white fluid stuff on my penis and there was also milky white fluid under her vagina. It was not ejaculation because I ejaculated towards the end of the sexual intercourse. She's been having discharges during... read more

True? men's 3rd ejaculation cannot cause pregnancy. So it's okay not to withdraw it?

A friend and his friends says it works. Is there a scientific basis on this? Can a girl really not get pregnant after the third ejaculation? Is it okay not to withdraw on the third sex?

Can you become pregnant when using a condom that didn't break and where no ejaculation occurred?

I've never had sex before. My boyfriend stuck it in three times without a condom and I took a Plan B the next day. About three days later we had sex with a condom for about three minutes. The condom didn't break, and he didn't ejaculate at all. Not before, during, or after the sex.... read more

Will Plan B work if taken right before Ovulation?

My girlfriend and me were using a condom and it broke. Though it was only halfway in during ejaculation (not sure if this matters). A decent amount of the semen ended up dripping out onto the sheets (again not sure if this matters). We rushed to the store and she took the pill Plan B one step about... read more

Is it normal to feel bloated and nauseous days after taking Plan B?

Hi, I had protected sex on Saturday where there did not seem to be any accidents with the condom and my partner did not ejaculate in the condom and pulled out with the condom on before ejaculation. I looked at my calendar and realized I was at a fertile time period and was possibly ovulating on... read more

Effexor XR blocked ejaculation?

Been taking Effexor XR for one month. I can't ejaculate during sex. Is this a permanent side effect or will it go away over time?

Had intercourse condom slipped off no ejaculation. I took Plan B that same day.

On May 4th had intercourse part way through realized the condom slipped off and was inside me, the person I was with did not ejaculate and I took the Plan B bill around an hour later. I haven't been on birth control in over a year since I was no longer in a relationship (foolish I know). Met... read more

Viagra - After ejaculation does the erection continue?

Whether or not the erection is lost after ejaculation

Why do I experience ejaculation problems with Cymbalta 60mg ?

I take since 4 weeks 60mg Cymbalta medication and experience very low or no ejaculation. Does anybody have same or similar problems? Or/and shall I change for an other depression treatement?

Trazodone and sexuality?

Can trazodone cause anorgasmia or other negative sexual effects or is it helpful for sexuality (except erection)?

Can I be pregnant three days before my period without ejaculation?

I tried having sex with somebody three days before my period. However he didn't stay much inside me because I was hurting so much (I'm virgin. And probably still am. Technically. I couldn't stand the hymen getting broken). He told me that having sex with condom would hurt more so I... read more

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