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Dramamine Questions

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Is Dramamine useful to treat nausea or dry heaving?

Can I take it every day, or only when I have nausea?

Dramamine - How long can it take to get out of your system?

My Mother took it for her 25 day cruise and now she is having trouble with nausea, foggy feeling and a bit of memory loss the first day back.

Can I take Famotidine with Dramamine? Is it safe?

I take Dramamine regularly because it helps control my nausea. I also suffer from stomach acids so my doctor told me to try famotidine, i started taking them today but forgot I had taken them and took dramamine too.

Can I take Zofran and Dramamine at the same time?

Does Dramamine contain aspirin?

Does Dramamine help the ringing in the ears,one or both ears?

I have the off balance feeling most all the time with dizziness from time to time. Hardly ever feel like I'm standing solid on level ground. If that makes any sense. I've been dealing with this for an awful long time. Besides other conditions I have to live with it can all be more than to... read more

Does Dramamine help with dizziness and vertigo?

I have extreme lightheadedness almost everyday with vertigo and my doctor has tried me on meclizine 25mg and it seemed to intensify the dizziness. I am wondering does Dramamine work better for dizziness I don't really get nausea unless my vertigo is in full effect.

Can I take caffeine with dramamine?

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