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How long does COVID-19 last? and other COVID-19 FAQ

How long does COVID-19 last? How long are you contagious with COVID-19? How long to quarantine after a positive COVID-19 test? How long do COVID-19 symptoms take to show? Can dogs and other pets get COVID-19? How long does the COVID-19 vaccine last?

Which antihistamines are safe for dogs?

How much Benadryl can I give my dog?

Benadryl dosage for dogs - I've heard that you can give benadryl to a dog, so how much should I give to my dog with allergies - weighs around 25 lbs.

Can you give loratadine to dogs?

Can I give my dog or cat Tylenol (acetaminophen)?

Can my cat, dog or pet give me COVID-19 (coronavirus disease)?

Is it safe to use Tramadol when treating a dog for pain?

My dog was recently stung by a bee and the veterinarian prescribed a small dose of Tramadol for at least a week for pain. Currently he doesn't show that he's in any pain but I have given him the medicine (today is the 2nd dose of 1/4 tablet.) Is it safe/necessary to continue giving him... read more

My vet prescribed tramadol 50mg tablets for my dog, He weighs 86 lbs?

It was prescribed to him for after a surgery, as pain relief. Two tablets three x a day for 3 days. I guess what I'm asking is does this seem like a good idea. I wanted a second opinion.

I want to know the dose of tramadol for bad tooth pain in dogs?

How much tramadol should I give my 6 pound dog with a bad tooth pain?

My dog ate .25 xanax what will happen?

I gave wrong dog medicine?

my 10lb dog takes one third of a 50mg pill, i accidently gave the pill to my 6lb dog. i have no ride to the vets. will she be ok?

Can amoxicillin be removed from capsule to administer in a canine patient?

prescribed by vet, but very difficult to get down dog's throat.

Is tramadol giving my dog diarrhea?

my Labrador has been given tramadol after major surgery to remove a mast cell tumour from her head. She went to an Oncology referral practice, and was an in-patient for 2 days following her surgery. We have to give her one 50mg tab twice daily. She has now devoloped diarrhea. Could this be the... read more

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