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Everyday dilantin,if I forgot a day what can be effect me and what should I do???

i have seizure for 5-6 times just for a few day ,and i had it the first since 7 months ago. Doctor give me dilantin ,but he is not yet how far i take it..

Posted 30 Mar 2016 0 answers

Can changing from one form of Phenytoin to another promote seizures?

For ages, I was on Dilantin, and then a number of years back, got switched to Phenytoin (Amneal IP212 Purple and White capsules). For the most part, everything has been fine -- every once in a great ...

Posted 28 Mar 2016 0 answers

When my older sister was 10/11 she was on dilantin until she started trying to convince us?

When my older sister was 10/11 she was on dilantin until she started trying to convince us that was seeing and talking to dead people. Then our Mom slowly took her off of it. Ever since then she ...

Posted 15 Nov 2015 1 answer

Dilantin - not sure if I should even be taking any anti sezure medicine?

So I had ONE single seizure this past saturday, today is friday. my dr and the er drs p100mg 3x a. day of dilantin. all my bloodwork and ct scan came back great. i believe the cauae was mixing ...

Posted 5 Jun 2015 1 answer

Can Ampicillin make my Dilantin level go above what it should be?

I was put on AMPICILLIN 10 Days ago for UTI. I have been on Dilantin for 14 yrs, it has always been in the 10-20 range. In the last week it has gone over. It was 21 on Friday April 5, 2015 my doctor ...

Posted 9 Jun 2015 1 answer

Is it safe to take zoloft if you already have epileptic seizures?

A few months ago I started having seizures and I seen a doctor who gave me dilantin 200mg. I was already seei ng a different doctor for other reasons and the other day he prescribed me zoloft 100mg. ...

Posted 12 Sep 2014 3 answers

What happens if the dilantin level gets to low in the system?

My brother has been taking 300mg dilantin for a long time. Recently He had surgery after the surgery the Dr didn't give him the same dosage. I am concerned because I don't want him to have ...

Posted 8 Feb 2015 2 answers

Dilantin - Is this medication ok to take for depression?

I am reading a book called open focus by less fehmi and he has mentioned another author Jack Dreyfus who has said that Dilantin is good for depression. If this drug is good for depression what doze ...

Posted 31 Dec 2014 4 answers

How many yrs on Dilantin is safe? With 7meds,all interact. Low Vit D. Seizures(4-1/2hrs),back,legs?

I've taken Dilatin about 6-7yrs ago after 4-1/2hr seizure, coma for 4days.I take 9meds, 4 Vits & 8 interact & 4 mixed can raise blood levels.My blood work is not monitored & worse ...

Posted 4 Jan 2015 2 answers

Any problems switching from phenytoin to Dilantin? I've been feeling bad and weird for the past week

... since I've switched. I get shaky and seems like I have vertigo. It felt like my eyes were crossing other day at work. I can't see my doctor until next week but I don't know if I ...

Posted 15 Nov 2014 1 answer

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