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Diabetic Kidney Disease Questions


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Diabetic Kidney Disease - My doctor is prescribing Ramipril to me to protect my kidney. I do not?

Posted 6 Jan 2010 by Bluefish502 2 answers

... have high blood pressure and I am not yet a diabetic. I am on the boarder line of becoming a diabetic. Recently I passed out and they believe it is due to the Ramipril, should I be taking Ramipril?

Will cider viengar interfere with my medications?

Posted 30 May 2015 by oniwa1 2 answers

I sip a cocktail of 1-2 Tbs cider vinegar in water with a touch of stevia throughout the day. I take synthroid in morning and cozaar, metformin, pravastatin meds during the day. Will the vinegar intefere with my medications? Should I leave time between meds and vinegar? I wait 1 hour for synthroid ...

I am a high blood pressure patient last 10 years. day before I visited my consultant for check up?

Posted 20 Dec 2009 by dadbuxbaloch 1 answer

... and doctor prescribe me the following medicine XAVOR-DIN(losartan potassium50/hydrocholothiazide25, concor2.5mg, optilets-m,Zyloric-300, Hilaxin 5mg

Does anyone take a multivitiman with Lisinopril I would like to take centrium multivitamin A-Z?

Posted 9 Aug 2010 by Toni1119 2 answers

... Also I woul like to thank everyone who is answering my Question this is new territory to me since i never been sick like this with Blood pressure and Hypokalemia issues . Im just trying to soak this in. The onthign in my life i have is asthma so I appreciat everyone who answer God Bless

Diabetic Kidney Disease - can this diabetes ailment affect kidney?

Posted 21 Oct 2012 by awibadie 3 answers

is it true that the above ailment can be treat using artificial medication by Mr ability Friday

Diabetic Kidney Disease - I have no high blood pressure, nor have I had a heart attack. Why would?

Posted 17 Aug 2009 by graciemay 1 answer

I am type 2 diabetic with no kidney desease that I know of.

Diabetic Kidney Disease - My doctor states that there is protein in my urine and he wants to?

Posted 22 Nov 2009 by davyrenee 2 answers

... prescribe lisinopril for this condition. I am a type 2 diabetic who takes insulin nightly and metformin twice daily along with lipitor and other over the counter supplements for diabetes. ( cinnamon, turmeric, pycnogenol and red yeast rice tablets) should i be taking lisinopril

3 anitdepressents, diabetic, high cholesterol?

Posted 25 Mar 2011 by lourik12 2 answers

My sister is on Celexa, Zoloft, Lorazepam, isosorbide, Zocor, Metoprolol, Plavix, Lisinopril, Calcium Acetate. (3) antipressents, She is diabetic, with heart problems. Does she really need all of this? I think she is being over medicated. Zocor states that it can cause kidney failure. She is sick ...

Which of my drugs effect my renal values the most?

Posted 25 Apr 2014 by whalerman 2 answers

I am taking amlodipine carvedilol glipizide lisinopril omeprazole simvastatin probenicid hytrin plaquenil and low dose aspirin

Diabetic Kidney Disease - I am taking 50mg. daily to protect my kidney per my doctor. I have never?

Posted 14 Aug 2009 by poohbaby 1 answer

... had hypertension but I am type 2 diabetic taking insulin once daily. Should I be taking Cozaar? Thanks.

Diabetic Kidney Disease - does imdur, glucophage and ingy (colestherol drugs) affect my kidneys?

Posted 23 Mar 2011 by Somaia 1 answer

taking also vitamins (Centrum) and Amaryl

Terazosin 1mg daily, prescribed for sweating, will this cause my sexual desire to decrease,?

Posted 12 Jun 2011 by gangis01 1 answer

Sould I still take my Lisinopril 10mg? Per my reading others, is this med also prescibed for urination increase or decrease?

Is linsopril and cozaar taken together inherently dangerous for me?

Posted 29 Apr 2012 by MitchieMay 1 answer

My two nephrologists (partners) are in disagreement about whether or not I should be on both medications. One prescribed linsopril with furosemide, along with continuing the losartan. The second told me to stop the linsopril because it increases my risk of a heart attack. I have primary edema now ...

Hello everyone. I would like to hear from anyone here who is taking Prinivil?

Posted 5 Nov 2013 by prunejuice 1 answer

Hello everyone. I would like to hear from anyone here who is taking Prinivil. Especially women who are taking it. I am about to start it and would like to know what side effects that anyone has had from this, if any. Thanks so much.

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