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DHEA Questions

We found 15 questions associated with the 'DHEA' topic.

DHEA Supplements & Blood Work?

Posted 2 days 22 hours ago by melissa1392 0 answers

Would 100mg of DHEA supplement cause my DHEA Blood Work to be high?

How should I take the oral supplement, 1-DHEA?

Posted 19 Mar 2017 by Norman1981 0 answers

Norm here. My question today is, I've been taking the Primevil Labs "1 Andro for 2, 1/2 weeks now. I read that many oral prohormones, are best absorbed, sublingually. The 1 Andro I'm taking claims to use the Liposomal Delivery system. For maximum bioavailability. But I'm ...

Can I take Natrol DHEA with Extenze?

Posted 21 Feb 2017 by WonderingMan 0 answers

Wondering if there are any potential cross-side effects from taking Natrol DHEA supplements with Extenze.

DHEA feed back. Personal Experience?

Posted 2 Jan 2017 by diannarolando 1 answer

I recently started taking DHEA because it is supposed to help with muscle and joints. I suffer from Mitochondria Myopathy. For the past several years, I have been on the Depo Shot but went off it this summer. My gyno felt that i was in menopause. I woke up yesterday morning to my period. Could it ...

Does DHEA cause hair loss?

Posted 7 Feb 2016 by Johncpurcell 1 answer

I was on methotrexate for 4 months. Stopped Nov 16, 2015 December 2015 developed red rash on palms of my hands which is painful. As of today it is still there. January 2016 ( first week) began losing my hair in large amounts. As of today, still losing my hair.

How long do the side effects of using DHEA last?

Posted 23 Jul 2012 by creativedesigns83 1 answer

I have been taking the DHEA supplement for the past 10 months off and on and at different MG. Started with 25mg, then increased to 50mg, and eventually my last dose was 100mg a day for the past month (June-July 2012). My last menstrual cycle was delayed but I got it the end of May 2012 and the ...

Can Dhea cause weight gain or loss ?

Posted 3 Oct 2013 by Gilchrist2012 1 answer

Does DHEA help with fibromyalgia pain?

Posted 21 Mar 2013 by hankmac 3 answers

Hi. My MD suggested trying 50 mg DHEA per day for fibromyalgia pain. My DHEA blood level is extremely low. Anyone tried it? Hank

Anyone know of problems taking DHEA along with Levothyroxine?

Posted 30 Nov 2011 by JOHNthePOSTMAN 2 answers

I'v been on levothyroxine since 1964. I'm 72 and even though my blood work shows that I am getting the right dose, I have all the classic symtoms of Hypothyroidism and have been this way for years. My doctor does not want to increase my meds for fear it will damage my heart. I recently ...

I have felt horrible with extreme depression, DHEA level very low, has anyone tried 7-keto DHEA?

Posted 13 Jun 2011 2 answers

I finally went to a Psychiatrist who did blood work to check DHEA level and it came back super low. He states this could cause extreme exhaustion, depression and such. It gave me some hope, but I wonder if anyone has had experience with the supplement 7-keto DHEA. If this isn't the problem, ...

Was just prescribed DHEA by endo.Can someone tell me what to expect from taking this?

Posted 16 Jan 2011 by Branwen33 1 answer

... RX? He said hopefully more energetic & possibly increase in sexual libido. We are trying to ween me off of the steroids I've been on to control my RA for about 12 yrs. But w/ the 13 different RXs, I just accepted the loss of both of these years ago.I even went to a shrink thinking ...

Prometazine reaction?

Posted 6 Apr 2011 by ukliz 2 answers

Last Thursday I went to a clinic for DHEA treatment for my Migraine, I was given Promethazine first by IV. I have taken ths medicaton for a long time at home and didn't think anything of it, they diluted it down because it was irritating my IV and after an hour I started to feel funny. Like ...

Dom-Fenofibrate - Is taking vitamins and supplements OK with fenofibrate?

Posted 26 Nov 2010 by teddyfan 1 answer

Such as the B's, Cod Liver Oil, DHEA, Calcium, Folic Acid,C,-I have been taking nutritional supplements for over 20 years. My dose of Fenofibrate is 54 mg once per day with food. Thanks.

Will DHEA cause prostate cancer ?

Posted 18 Sep 2009 by Claude1943 1 answer

I suffered a Left Knee Anterior Dislocation and surgery to reconstruct 4 ligaments. Five months lat?

Posted 21 Nov 2009 by tfriend01 1 answer

er I was diagnosed with Addison's. Will I need to take my Florinef, Cortef, Magnesium Sulfate, and DHEA the rest of my life.

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