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Desonide Questions

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What is Desonide cream used for?

Can desonide ointment get rid of ringworm?

Can I use Desonide Ointment to treat diaper rash?

Desonide - does it work for dark spots?

What is the difference between Desonide cream and Triamcinolone acetonide cream?

Are they used a for the same condition?

Desonide - What can I do about skin discoloration from the use of this product?

My teenager now has white spots around the whole nose/mouth area. He told me that it burns when he gets out of the shower. He initially started using the product because he gets these severe dry spots on his face. He is nice and tan most everywhere, but that one area.

My doctor prescibed Desonide Cream for dark patch on each of my cheek. How long do it take for this?

... cream to fade the dark spot on my cheek. Is this cream similar to a fading cream. Thanks Thelma

Can desonide cream be used on the genitals?

Desonide - why did Dr. gave me this for facial hair lost, eyebrows?

reading info for this medication, questioning why doctor would give this to me as saw her for hair loss not any ecema, I have no redness, more like an alopecia on my face, eyesbrows, legs, arms but not eyelashes, head, under arms or inside nose.

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