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Cyclic Vomiting Syndrome Questions

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Cyclic Vomiting Syndrome - I was recently diagnosed with CVS after a trip to the ER and my GI?

Posted 29 Oct 2017 by rmm28 1 answer

... doctor. I am in the middle of my worst episode yet, and I have not kept anything down in several days. Even water is being thrown up, and I am struggling to stay hydrated. I was given fluids at the ER for extreme dehydration, but that was about 48 hours ago. I was wondering what you guys do to ...

Cyclic Vomiting Syndrome - Hello everyone! My name is is Kayleigh and I've been suffering with CVS?

Posted 30 Aug 2017 by Duckie47 1 answer

... since I was 14( can you imagine being a teen girl who just starts puking all the time? I can tell you my parents reaction wasn't what I'd thought it'd be!) I wasn't diagnosed until earlier this year now at 20 years old. Getting to this diagnosis wasn't easy either. My ...

Metoclopramide - Those who took this longer than 3 months: Are you still side effect free?

Posted 10 Mar 2017 by mecsjh1 0 answers

I'm taking this in the form of Reglan and it has saved my life. I dread having to stop it in 2 months. Just wondering how those people are today. Still symptom Free?

How long should I take amitriptyline for cyclic vomiting syndrome?

Posted 4 Sep 2013 by jcates05 1 answer

I've been on the medication for the past 3 months and have had 1 episode since then. I usually have an episode every 2 months. How do I know when to stop taking the medication? Is there a proper way to wean myself from this medication?

My son needs this prescription to sumatriptan 20 mg nasal spray?

Posted 17 Jul 2013 by robert orient 2 answers

no insurance age 26 only part time job can you help us for the best price or this drup for his migraines. Dr. sheila matosky from the neuro clinic at lakewood hosptial told us he really needs this for his symtons.

Cyclic Vomiting Syndrome - After my trip to the er today (of many, still with no answers), and?

Posted 21 Jun 2012 by Spiraldownj 2 answers

... another battery of tests, this was their hesitant diagnosis. Now I'm on a mission to learn all I can about it. So please, if anyone knows anything about the condition, possible treatments or lifestyle changes that can help, please help! I'm going to bed, after the past 4 days of this ...

Elavil - anyone suffer from diarea from this medicine or could it be the withdrawls from paxil?

Posted 18 Jan 2010 by jdoggt 1 answer

every since i started the elavil and stopped the paxil i have had direa but oddly enough just once in the am..anybody have any thoughts it would be appreciated

How to treat adverse reaction to Nortriptyline in 13 yr girl that's gone from delusions to coma-lik?

Posted 27 Feb 2010 by CloPo 1 answer

She was treated for Cyclic Vomiting Syndrome with 100mg of Amitriptyline and reacted with delusions and hallucinations. Amitriptyling stopped. Got another episode of CVS and 50mg Nortriptyline recommended. She took for 4 days and 5th day was having suicidal comments and confusion. Nortriptyline ...

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