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Why can't I get appropriate help for my 24/7 vertigo? My GP sent me to a neurologist.

Posted 12 Oct 2017 by boe123 1 answer

The neurologist said it is not his field $50 for a copay to hear not my field so frustrated I can't get any help can't work can't drive going crazy can anybody help me? Went to the hospital end of July they said I had a bladder infection I got vertigo and I lost Hearing in my right ...

Donnatal is the drug I'm asking about. Do you have a patient assist program for it? I am very low.

Posted 27 Sep 2017 by elmer miller 1 answer

My doctor gave me a sample and it has really helped me. But the co-pay is nearly $200.00 and I cannot afford it.

Is there any copay assistance for Neosar (Cyclophosphamide generic)?

Posted 27 Jun 2017 by Laura E 0 answers

Taking Cyclophosphamide for Nephritic Kidney disease. With both Medicare and Blue Cross Blue Shield Insurance for this medication, my copay cost is still $500/month! Any ideas where I can find assistance to pay my copay?

I have been taking cabergoline for a tumor, I was paying $15.00 after my copayment.....

Posted 12 Jun 2017 by mamawjoey 1 answer

... now I am paying $231.13 for 3 months supply. They said the drug went up to $700.00. Just wondered if anyone else is paying this crazy price?

Thyroid problems after 14 years not getting levels right?? what can happen with said things below??

Posted 5 Jun 2017 by pamisone 0 answers

Drained and puffy in face now.. I don't take meds regularly cause I currently have insurance I can't afford to go to doc. Because I have to pay my $3,000 deductible before the $50 copay... Sigh... It is getting hard to breath sometime. Like I'm gasping for air. I forget things. And ...

Do you have copay cards for Pyrela?

Posted 9 May 2017 by abcaballero 0 answers

Imbruvica cost concerns?

Posted 9 Jan 2017 by alicemiami 1 answer

Hi everyone, really happy to discover this message board. My husband (67) has recurrent MCL and so far responding well to Imbruvica + Rituxan. We are a middle-income couple and the copay for Imbruvica with Medicare is $3,000. Any financial assistance you can can recommend is MUCH appreciated!

What is the average copay for Ibrance?

Posted 18 Nov 2016 by Lpatillo2001 4 answers

I have stage 4 metastatic breast cancer in my T8 and two spots on my right sacrum. My doctor has just prescribed me Ibrance and after much research I'm terrified of the pricing I've read. Can someone ease my fears of going bankrupt due to this medicine?

Amitiza - Why won't it work?? Seems like for a 40$ copay, it should take less than 4 caps to do the?

Posted 6 Oct 2016 by meonlax 1 answer

... trick! I started on the samples yesterday and have taken as directed-4 as of tonight, My insurance will cover this for a $40 co-pay! If this doesn't work any better than this, I'll go back to the dollar store stuff which works well for 3bucks!

My Tudorza Pressair inhalers keep breaking?

Posted 10 Nov 2016 by Leta Merle 1 answer

I do not mind a $50.00 co-pay but I would like to take advantage of using the full life of the inhaler. So far the last 6 have quit on me with 40 to 50 doses. I have 6 inhalers with 40 to 50 doses left on them that have broken. With a $50.00 co-pay this gets pretty discouraging.

Limbrel500 - Does anyone know of a Medicare part D provider who covers Limbrel?

Posted 3 Oct 2016 by jlogue2 0 answers

I have a coupon that allows me to get the product for $50 per month, but my neighbor told me his provider only charges $20 co-pay. He is on Medicare.

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