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Is there anything OTC comparable to Lactulose?

Posted 3 Sep 2014 by LymaBeane 4 answers

I am taking Lactulose and it works well for me. My doctor wonders why I would always need it. Miralax doesn't work for me. Is there anything OTC that is comparable to Lactulose so that I don't have to depend on a doctor to get the help I need? Thanks

Doc unconcerned by constipation up to my lungs?

Posted 3 Jul 2016 by RyanPm40 1 answer

I am usually very regular, but I have been constipated for a week now. I've tried miralax, senokot, and meta mucil with no luck. I went to an Urgent Care facility, where I was given an x-ray (after a LOT of hesitation from the doc). At first I was told by the tech I'd be getting two ...

How long before Linzess works well??

Posted 5 Feb 2017 by Frustratedwbowels 0 answers

Trying Linzess after many years taking magnesium citrate / miralax etc ... only took it 2 days so far . It has been somewhat helpful but how long before it really helps and do you ever produce a healthy normal bowel movement!? Very frustrating .. why do so many people have this issue !?

Gastroparesis and constipation: what works?

Posted 18 Dec 2016 by BMhoarder 0 answers

I was diagnosed with severe gastroparesis, and also esophageal spasms, and chronic constipation. So, I haven't gone in several days, despite daily Lizness and Miralax. I am currently doing prep for colonoscopy. I already drink massive amounts of water, so not concerned about dehydration. So I ...

I'm prescribed 15 ml of Lactulose 4 times daily. Have had liver cirrhosis for three years.?

Posted 1 Dec 2016 by Sasha24 1 answer

... Constipation is somewhat of a problem, but the main thing that effects me is GAS. Gas that I cannot expel from my body. I've tried peppermint tea and essential oils that I rub on my skin, baking soda, ALL of the OTC remedies and most recently something called "IBgard" that caused ...

I've taken Linzess 290mcg for 3 days with no BM and am wondering why it's not working for me?

Posted 22 Oct 2016 by Seeking info 2 answers

I used colonoscopy prep to clean out prior to starting Linzess. I've been drinking lots of water along with the medication.

I have Barretts oesophagus. Tired bisacodyl, lactulose, moviecol, senna, all give severe pain?

Posted 20 Mar 2016 by ponderosa 0 answers

Due to Barretts oesophagus I get compacted stools. Nothing seems to work and all of the above give me severe stomach pain, lasting days. The latest, bisacodyl is insufferably painful. So was lactulose, moviecol, sennacot. I am at my wits end and in so much constant pain life seems no longer worth ...

Constipation - has anyone had highBP, palpations skipped heart beats(PAC) from miralax?

Posted 8 Nov 2015 by tomie581 0 answers

... I took miralax for several days in a row and developed these symptoms. I stopped miralax and palpitations stopped. Tried it again and they came back. have been off of it for 8 days and palpitations have stipped and BP is coming down

Is there any difference between generalac, lactulose? and miralax?

Posted 5 Sep 2014 by Seahawk 2 answers

Sometimes when stools are hard I get very bad stomach aches - - motility problem which Dr said is due to scar tissue. I had been in hospital with viral bronchitis - hope life gets a little easier now.

Is miralax safe for kidneys?

Posted 21 Oct 2015 by maggie-lou 0 answers

stage 3 renal failure with cronic constapation

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