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Compazine Questions

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Why is Compazine, being shown as discontinued on

This drug is not being shown as discontinued on any other site I have checked.

Is Compazine prescribed for pain?

This was prescribed for me with another medication for pain after my knee surgery. I can't remember ever taking this but I am going to undergo another surgery and trying to figure out if I should discard this prescription

How close are compazine and promethazine?

Does compazine and promethazine have the same effect?

I'm allergic to compazine. Can I take promethazine?

Is Compazine a narcotic?

Is Compazine ever useful for pain relief?

Is compazine a narcotic?

Is compazine a controlled substance?

What is compazine usually prescribed for?

Why can't you take hydrocodone & compazine together and what are the side effects?

I have stage 4 esophageal cancer, that has mestasized to my liver. My first chemo treatment is tomorrow. The doctor has given me scripts for prochlorperazine 10mg and hdrocodone/APAP 10-325 mg which instructs not to take with the prochlorperazine. I am only taking the hydrocod/APAP now. How much... read more

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