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Commercial Questions

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Saxenda - What insurance carriers cover this RX?

Posted 5 Apr 2016 by Tbolt2016 2 answers

I sell commercial insurance and I'm having a hard time finding this drug on any formularies. Has anyone had a fully insured (not partially self funded/self funded) carrier pay toward this drug?

Contrave current commercial?

Posted 17 Feb 2017 by Cloudiindarkness1 4 answers

Obviously you are not aware of how demoralizing and irritating your current Contrave commercial is. Really??? People in a circle mentioning food. Obviously the ad company and board of directors did not think it through before insulting a whole population.

I am on buspirone & I had a dream last night I was being chocked to death. I have these dreams often

Posted 4 Feb 2017 by ModsAreCute 4 answers

... and I'm not even scared anymore I am just paranoid and I feel trapped. I also sometimes get feeling that you would get when watching a scary movie or commercial like I'm being watched or hunted. How do I get an increase on my medicine? I know my anxiety is bad but I don't know ...

I have a tissue (cow) aortic valve and my doctor has put me on Eliquis. Is this safe?

Posted 10 Dec 2016 by corvettesandy 0 answers

I am concerned that my doctor at the Cleveland Clinic, who knows that I have an artificial (cow) aortic valve, has put me on Eliquis a couple of days ago for a-fib. Now I heard a commercial that if you have an artificial heart valve you should not take this drug. I would appreciate if you could ...

Is anyone else scared?

Posted 3 Aug 2016 by skarednalone 0 answers

I just started my Xarelto 20mg from my twice daily. I'm so scared, my period is about to come up and I'm so scared. I keep seeing these stupid commercials against Xarelto and I'm scared. If anyone has made it to the end safely and come off Xarelto, please let me know. I need support ...

I have been taking Invokana for approximately 2+yrs now. Recently there have been commercials?

Posted 21 Jan 2016 by AbbeyG2012 0 answers

advertising a law firm, stating if you have taken Invokana and have suffered a stroke, kidney problems, or heart attack to contact the law firm. My question is, if I have been lucky, not to have this happen to me in the 2+ years taking Invokana do you think I am okay to continue taking it?

Why can Linzess harm kids 6 to 17?

Posted 24 Feb 2015 by Vilexia 2 answers

Why can Linzess harm kids ages 6 to 17? I was taking this medication at 16 and I just saw the commercial and now I am kind of worried. I can't find the answer online anywhere. It says it can harm you but why? and why would my doctor prescribe it to me if it can?

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