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Cluster Headaches Questions

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Does Emgality raise blood pressure?

Prednisone: What are 12 Things You Should Know?

What are the new drugs for the treatment of migraines?

Does Emgality cause hair loss?

Emgality vs Aimovig - how do they compare?

Does injecting Emgality cause a reaction?

What are the brands of sumatriptan?

What dosage forms are available? Are there generics available?

Hi Gang, Anyone had success with Tegretol for neuropathic pain? Neurologist prescribed this for me?

and I feel a bit leery about it, there are just SO many side effects! And some really scary ones at that. I've been feeling exhausted lately, will Tegretol just exacerbate my exhaustion? I used to be a very high energy person, but no longer, much to my chagrin! My energy has taken off with my... read more

Can Prednisone side effects cause neuropathy?

I was on Prednisone for 4 1/2 months. Sometimes daily dosage took me as high as 120 mgs. I took it for treatment of Clusters. I suffer them every four yrs. For anywhere from 60 days to 6 months plus. This year I swear I've gotten neuropathy as a extreme side effect. I was also on a regiment of... read more

Cluster headaches?

is fioricet indicated in patients with cluster headaches? what narcotics are?

Periactin - Is it otc? Where can I get it from USA?

Can you buy it over the counter or does it have to be a prescription? I suffer from weight loss due to stress and it gets so bad I get migraines everyother day. I can't sleep or eat. I'm afraid by the time I snap out of it I will be so little ppl might think I was on drugs

Tizanidine side effects?

Can tizanidine cause tingling in the back of the head? Ive been taking 2 mg for about 2 weeks and the back of my head tingles for a few seconds then goes away, this used to happen once in awhile and now since this medication its been happening more.

How long should it take for me to feel relief from taking Tizanidine?

I have been taking this for 3 to 4 days & it doesn't seem to be helping how much time is needed before I know the dosage is correct how long does it take before it should work?

My first 2 weeks on Lexapro 10mg. Feel good but getting headaches and want to take an imatrex?

Is imatrex ok? my Doc. prescribed them both at the same time but after reading the interactions I'm a bit nervous. Thanks!

Is it OK to take both Advil and sumatriptan?

My husband gets really bad migraines so the doctor prescribed Imitrex. Tonight was his first time taking it, but it made it worse. Can he take Advil on top of the other medicine?

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