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Can Lipitor cause Type II Diabetes?

Posted 26 Jul 2013 by geriatriclime 1 answer

Popular Statin Drug Lipitor causes Type II Diabetes in Women ◦digg ◦ ◦ 5775EmailShare Some women taking Lipitor (atorvastatin) for high cholesterol problems developed type II diabetes, an unexpected side effect of the medication. Lipitor Fails Users Who Trusted the Safety of the Drug Somet ...

I was wondering if anybody suffers from enlarged stomach??

Posted 7 Jun 2013 by johnw489 4 answers

I take quite a few medications for my psych decease and high cholesterol and type 2 diabetes. The diabetes and a partial blame for having them is because of some of the psych drugs I take. They escalate my sugar level. Not too high but enough to take metformin. I take atorvastatin and finofibrate ...

Atorvastatin - Is it safe to stop taking lipitor 10mg abruptly?

Posted 10 Sep 2012 by dwdaily2 2 answers

Constant constipation and muscle weakness. Never had high cholesterol. Was put on drug after blocked artery in abdominal aorta

Side effect for aspavor?

Posted 28 Nov 2013 by Qiniselani 1 answer

Just diagnosed that I'm having cholesterol and I'm diabetic with heart that has an extra bit I'm so stressed all these things in me ohhhh God what have I done. I've been in and out hoping to be assisted but its in vain instead more deseas are found not cure

Going to stop Pravastatin because I fall asleep before taking it and my cholesterol is lower now?

Posted 13 Oct 2012 by TWorF 2 answers

I've been given Pravastatin 40mg but fall asleep b4 taking it. When I do I get bad heart pain? My last check up my cholesterol was considerably lower. I'm just going to stop taking it. That pain was a horrible feeling like wires snaking my heart. Two days since I've stopped taking ...

How bad do chest pains have to be for me to go to a hospital?

Posted 7 Nov 2013 by SickGirl42 6 answers

I have high blood pressure and high cholesterol, and have had a little bit of chest and arm pain today. It comes and goes, it's not severe.

Meds for Diabetes?

Posted 27 Sep 2013 by Thor283 9 answers

I have a friend who knows a man with diabetes. He doesn't take his meds, and his last glucose reading was over 300. Something like 325. He also has high blood pressure and high cholesterol. His daughter made him a doc apt but it isn't until Oct 14th. I know he should go to an ER, ...

Heart,cholesterol,triglicerides and diabetes-what foods to avoid urgently?

Posted 23 Nov 2013 by philby57 3 answers

preventative triple bypass to all arterial bloodlines to the heart-the cholesterol is familial not dietary usual drugs and painkillers/nsaid for arthritis and frozen shoulder ,suffers anxiety state could be drug induced

Whats the difference between Statins and Fibrates?

Posted 6 Sep 2009 by tetlin 1 answer

Don't understand the difference between the two and haven't been able to locate an answer?

Can a 40mg atovastatin be cut in half to reduce dosage by half?

Posted 15 Dec 2017 by mtdickygoh 1 answer

Have bought 12 month supply but need only 20mg for maintenance of lowered cholesterol levels

Does metformin cause an increase in bad cholesterol?

Posted 4 Apr 2017 by joppel 1 answer

I'm on metformim 1,000 mg am and pm and my LDL cholesterol is high. since my last bloodwork 6 months ago, my LDL (trig.) level has gone up. Any relation to the metformim?

Statins are too painful?

Posted 24 Mar 2015 by Wishst31 1 answer

I have been taking Lipitor for over 8 years and after doing research found out many of my painful muscles could be side effect. Stopped it and felt so much better but now cholesterol in high 300's Dr started on 5mg of Crestor and pain returning very bad again. Dr stopped for now but wants to ...

High Blood Pressure - Has Anyone Tried Beat Juice on Amazon?

Posted 7 Mar 2013 by hbpsm 3 answers

I have high Blood Pressure & I found a beverage called Beat Juice on Amazon which is supposed to lower blood pressure & cholesterol naturally. It's not "beet juice", although beets are one of its ingredients. They say all the ingredients work synergistically to lower blood ...

Having serious muscle problems with lipitor and simvastating? doc is Statin crazy! any thing else?

Posted 1 Dec 2013 by aussidave 3 answers

Taking low dose of statins my cholesterol is low ok, triglycerides high. but undergoing rehab for partial hip replacement and restricted by severe muscle cardio only seems to know statins. What else is there to keep lipids in range, that I can suggest to him...

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