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Cholesterol Questions

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Does Biktarvy increase cholesterol?

Which blood lipids are linked to heart disease?

Atorvastatin - Is it safe to stop taking lipitor 10mg abruptly?

Constant constipation and muscle weakness. Never had high cholesterol. Was put on drug after blocked artery in abdominal aorta

Can Lipitor cause Type II Diabetes?

Popular Statin Drug Lipitor causes Type II Diabetes in Women ◦digg ◦ ◦ 5775EmailShare Some women taking Lipitor (atorvastatin) for high cholesterol problems developed type II diabetes, an unexpected side effect of the medication. Lipitor Fails Users Who Trusted the Safety of the Drug Somet... read more

Can I take Moringa and Amlodipine Besylate at the same time?

My Dr. told me that my BP and Cholesterol were high. He prescribed Amlodipine Besylate 5mg and Statin. I did a research on the drugs and found some horrible reviews. I put the drugs somewhere and started a lifestyle change through dieting and going to the gym. After a week I did a BP check at a... read more

Whats the difference between Statins and Fibrates?

Don't understand the difference between the two and haven't been able to locate an answer?

Side effect for aspavor?

Just diagnosed that I'm having cholesterol and I'm diabetic with heart that has an extra bit I'm so stressed all these things in me ohhhh God what have I done. I've been in and out hoping to be assisted but its in vain instead more deseas are found not cure

What is the recommended dose of coq10 per day for a 78 yr old woman with irregular heart beat?

I have always had very good cholesterol but on last blood test about 2 weeks ago , good cholesterol was still high , but the bad one had gone up. He put me on simvastatin which is a statin drug . He did that one time a few months ago and after about 2 weeks I stopped it by myself because it was... read more

Does metformin cause an increase in bad cholesterol?

I'm on metformim 1,000 mg am and pm and my LDL cholesterol is high. since my last bloodwork 6 months ago, my LDL (trig.) level has gone up. Any relation to the metformim?

Can a 40mg atovastatin be cut in half to reduce dosage by half?

Have bought 12 month supply but need only 20mg for maintenance of lowered cholesterol levels

What is the next best cholesterol lowering pill? Crestor is not working.

Just getting way too many side effects with the generic Crestor. Is there a safer or less side effects cholesterol lowering medicine, other than Lipitor?

What an you do when your husband will not insult a doctor about erectile dysfunction?

My husband has been experiencing Ed for about 6 months. He is 74 and claims it is his age. He is on BP medications and cholesterol meds. He refuses to talk to his doctor and won’t see a urologist. He says there is no help for him.

Metamucil - Top Care Sugar Free Fiber powder reaction?

My cholesterol is a little high and I was sometimes getting diarrhea after lunch if I ate a piece of fudge for dessert so I decided to start taking Top Care Sugar Free Fiber Powder. Three days in taking 1 tsp twice daily, my bowel movements started growing and the third day I had a large one twice.... read more

Can simvastatin cause muscle pain in just one shoulder?

This is my first time on cholesterol medication. I’ve been on it for 3 days and my 1 shoulder has some interesting pain. My 1 leg will cramp some too. Just trying to figure out if it’s the medication.

Are there any medicines cumin should not be taken with?

Medicine such as cholesterol lowering pills and medication for chest problems in older people.

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