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Carbidopa / Levodopa Questions

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How long does it take carbidopa levodopa to work?

What foods should be avoided when taking levodopa?

How often should carbidopa/levodopa be taken?

Is Rytary better than Sinemet?

Is Rytary better than Sinemet CR?

Can carbidopa/levodopa cause high blood pressure?

What is the difference between carbidopa, levodopa, and Rytary?

How long does Rytary stay in your system?

How long does it take for Rytary to start working?

Misdiagnosed - Taking carbidopa levodopa for parkinson's?

What if you take carbidopa levodopa for parkinson's, and you don't have parkinson's. Just asking, I feel I was misdiagnosed.

How do Parkinson's disease medications work?

Carbidopa/Levodopa sleep issues.

I was just started on this yesterday evening first dose 50/200 ER they are weaning me off gabapentin,1 capsule reduction per week, thus the change in medication for my severe restless legs syndrome and periodic limb movement disorder; I took it at 10:45 pm, I never felt sleepy and ended up not... read more

Sinemet - mom has parkinsons and is taking carbidopa/levodopa 25/100?

does her small size 98lb effect the medicine results? She is in conflict on how much medicine to use. different people have told her it is to strong. I wanted to follow doctors paper of instruction and called his office his nurse [can't talk to dr fazl] said to lower dose to 1/2 pill for... read more

Parkinson's Disease - Does stress or increase in dosage cause worsening symptoms?

74 yo female diagnosed 8/21. On carbidopa-levodopa since then at 25-100, 2 tabs 3xday. Had some wear off and dosage increased to 25-250 3×day two weeks ago. Also started new job 3 weeks ago.. Cognitive, memory and tremors are all worse. Stress or new dose causing this. Scared

I’m having difficulty with pressure dropping on my 25/100 carbidopa/levodopa.

Very low dose, two tablets daily. I take half a tablet four times a day. Ready to discontinue using it all together. Is anyone else having any issues?

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