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Is cafergot being discontinued?

Posted 13 Oct 2012 by lucyglitters 23 answers

i live in the uk and i've been taking it for more than 30 years to control my 3-4 migraines a week - just went to get a prescription renewed and i'm told it's no longer available in the uk - at this point in time, all i can see is losing my job and then losing my house and ending up ...

Is there a drug available comparable to the ergot family (Ergotamine, Cafergot, DHE) for migraine?

Posted 2 Jan 2016 by Josey Bear 0 answers

Ergot products have been discontinued. They are inexpensive and effective, so discontinue in favor of.more expensive triptans. I have had migraines my entire life and have tried it all. The only thing that works effectively for me is Cafergot. I am looking for something similar and your suggestions ...

Is Cafergots effectiveness to alleviate migraine pain similar to results with Fioricet?

Posted 5 Nov 2015 by happygrandmaeli 2 answers

Besides comparing effectiveness for migraines, are there any posible side effects or contraindications when taking Cafergot with other medications? If yes, which medications? I have taken Fioricet for many years with NO contraindications or adverse side effects butmy insurance company does NOT ...

Is it possible to now (2015) get cafergot?

Posted 29 Dec 2014 by kdmigraines 1 answer

Wigraine (generic cafergot) production was stopped a couple of years ago, yet in doing some research, I'm finding this information prolific on the web site for migraine solutions. And it was perfect for me -- but now I'm suffering again without my prescription of cafergot -- can ...

Cafergot - Caffergot off the market?

Posted 25 Mar 2015 by Bobby 13 1 answer

I used caffergot & sancert for many years! But here in Canada, drug manufacturer Norvartis excluded these drugs due to low sales! I have tried other meds, with little success! are these drugs still available somewhere? I suffer from chronic clusters (Horton's syndrome)Any help would be ...

Is Cafergot still available?It used to be available as a generic.Is it still?Is price still $1/pill?

Posted 7 Jul 2014 by imchipper 1 answer

I am asking this question because generic Fioricet has jumped in price by 5 times the old price! Why?

What to do about symptoms of ergotism?

Posted 27 Jul 2014 by gulpen 1 answer

Have taken Cafergot suppositories for about 15 years, about 5 a week and stopped probably 4 years ago when no longer available and am suffering with high/low BP and a lot of other side effects... MD does not listen and am getting desperate. Have numbness in hands and feet etc.What can I do and who ...

Where can I buy cafergot?

Posted 21 May 2013 by 123123123 2 answers

I can't seem to get cafergot from the chemist anymore. Does anyone no why I cant and what has replaced this drug. Thanks

Is there any medicine to replace cafergot?

Posted 2 Mar 2010 by nicolekhoosubin 4 answers

I have migraine at a young age til now I'm 19 years old.. i've been using cafergot as my painkiller.. is there any medicine to replace it? i'm worried that my blood pressure will increse due to the side effects of this drug..

Hvaing trouble finding Cafergot generic because of ingredient shortage , where can I find it?

Posted 10 Feb 2011 by saann 6 answers

My mom uses ergotamine (cafergot generic) to help control her migraines, but now she's having trouble finding the medication. Apparently there's some sort of shortage of an ingredient or something. She's really worried that she'll run out and there won't be anything to take ...

Cafergot - can't get ergotamine for cluster headache. are canadian pharmacies and answer? or?

Posted 14 Nov 2011 by jwatersphd 4 answers

... mexican? i've tried ergomar, even eating suppositories (yuk). Neither Kroger pharmacies not the Humana supplier "Right Source" mail order says they can get it.

Caffeine/Ergotamine - Migergot is temporaly unavailable, do you know where I can find some?

Posted 11 Jan 2012 by Joanna441 1 answer

Does anyone know what drug I can use that is like cafergot/migergot because my pharmacist can not find these anymore?

Caffeine/Ergotamine - Where can I get Cafergot suppositories. Discontinued in UK. My doctor is happy

Posted 8 Aug 2011 by holdaway 1 answer

... to prescribe it as only thing that works for me and gives me any quality of life. Would be grateful for any information on availability of this product.

Can Cafergot cause Pyrogenic Vascular Tumors?

Posted 19 Mar 2011 by Cathleen186 1 answer

My husband has horrible migraines. His PCP has only precribed Cafergot. He has been taking it for about 11/2 years. He takes about 30 a month, don't know the strength. Two months ago, he discovered a bump on his head. Turned out to be this tumor, and he cut it off. Now he tells me he just ...

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