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Bruising Questions

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Can Tylenol (acetaminophen) cause bruising?

How long does bruising last after QWO?

What is the effect on the brain of long-term use of Effexor?

Does long-term use of Effexor lead to memory loss, brain damage and/or dementia? I know it inhibits platelet aggregation and leads to bleeding and severe bruising resulting from a very slight impact. As I am aged 66 years, I am concerned that continued use of Effexor may hasten dementia and memory... read more

How long after stopping entocort will the side effects last/?

I took entocort for two years. terrible side effects. Itching, bruising weight gain,itching arounf mouth. I've been off entocort for two months and NO improvement in the side effects. When can I expect relief?

What are normal pt/inr levels for xarelto pts?

I have a home health pt that fell and has significant bruising and the dr wants pt/inr level done. I just want to know if the results( norms)are different from warfarin results

Is there side effects from unexpected stop of Lisinopril?

Have bruising along with swelling and pain in calves with no apparent reason?

Enoxaparin - how do I avoid the bruising after an injection?

Enoxaparin - how do I avoid the bruising after an injection?? besides my tummy , where else can i take the shot. my doctor and pharmasist told me nother on how or where to take them. some hlp and insite would be nice

I have type 2 diabetes I'm have bloating and pain after an injection of insulin?

I inject myself in my tummy, 2 inches from my belly button. I get bruising and pain afterward, as well as bloating. It's very uncomfortable and I'm getting concerned. please advise.

Do any prescription or over-the-counter drugs thin the blood and cause bruising (age 50+) ?

I recently had hip replacement surgery and was on 325 mg. of aspirin twice daily. My bruising and thin skin became so fragile that I tore my skin at the slightest bump. Now I am finished with the aspirin treatment, but my thin skin still bruises easily and tears as well. I look very much like an... read more

Is the Nexplanon implant bruising months after insertion normal?

I got the implant about 2 months ago, so the initial bruising from insertion is long gone, but this morning I noticed my arm was tender and there's a large purple bruise around the area. Last night I did take a bit of a fall, so its possible that I injured my arm and it happened to be in the... read more

I had a cortisone shot and am having bruising below the injection. Is this normal?

Is it ok to have bruising after a cortisone shot in knee?

Xarelto bruising , any advice ?

I bruise very easily, especially hands and forearms. It seems the slightest touch leaves a purple blemish. Most doctors dismiss my complaint as part of the treatment for Afib. I’m new to this forum and I hope some fellow members might know something that can help,

Topamax and Bruising?

I have been on topamax for a few weeks and am bruising really bad. Has anyone had this issue before with this??? I've also stopped taking antidepressant medication around the same amount of time so I don't know if that could be it. I couldn't find any info on either. I know taking... read more

What Effect Can Food Have While Taking Medication?

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