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Implanon - When should the swelling, bruising, and serious pain stop?

Posted 5 May 2011 by ByrdC 5 answers

I havent had the implanon for too long but my arm has a huge bruise on it and it hurts so bad. It hurts to the point of tears. My arm is still pretty swollen and i can barely lift it up. Is this normal?

What is the effect on the brain of long-term use of effexor?

Posted 5 Jan 2012 by elaineatkins 12 answers

Does long-term use of effexor lead to memory loss, brain damge and/or dementia? I know it inhibits platelet aggregation and leads to bleeding and severe bruising resulting from a very slight impact. As I am aged 66 years, I am concerned that continued use of effexor may hasten dementia and memory ...

Is there side effects from unexpected stop of Lisinopril?

Posted 26 May 2014 by My babe Jen 2 answers

Have bruising along with swelling and pain in calves with no apparent reason?

What are normal pt/inr levels for xarelto pts?

Posted 9 May 2014 by Dgray75 3 answers

I have a home health pt that fell and has significant bruising and the dr wants pt/inr level done. I just want to know if the results( norms)are different from warfarin results

Are there any signs of bruising while taking pregabalin?

Posted 12 days ago by tezibin 1 answer

I have started pregabalin 50 mg 5 days ago. My dosage is 3 times a day at 50 mg increasing doasage to 100 mg a day. I am an industrial painter who had crushing laceration on top of left hand. I have been diagnosed with chronic pain syndrome.

For the past 6 years I have started to severely bleed under my skin and the slightest bump or knick?

Posted 2 Jul 2018 by Barbara Herod 0 answers

I have taken .60mg of Cymbalta for 15 years and not until I added trazodone did I start this profound bruising and bleeding under the skin. After a small Tap or a slight knick, you can see the blood and bruise start to spread immediately . It continues until it covers a huge area. I have checked ...

Warfarin - Does extensive bruising, knees and lower legs black and blue, black eye, forehead...

Posted 23 May 2018 by carribean 0 answers

... laceration needing stitches - does this development after a fall in a 90-year-old affect INR results? I was steady around 2.5 for several years, then traumatic fall and I'm 1.8. Connection?

Bruising from enoxaparin shots?

Posted 2 Apr 2018 by Greg9311 0 answers

What creams or lotions can I use to stop discoloration or bruising?

Hard lump on ligament in arch of foot after trauma?

Posted 3 Jan 2018 by Anon_mary 0 answers

About a month and a half ago (if not longer) I fell off my bed directly onto the edge of a high heel shoe (ouch i know). This obviously caused a lot of bruising but more recently I’ve noticed a hard lump on the arch of my foot (on the ligament I believe) exactly where the impact was and ...

I fractured femor head in a fall. hip seems ok but have swelling ankle and mild bruising, why?

Posted 31 Dec 2017 by getwellnow 0 answers

A fall has broken femor head, not due to weak bones, I am very flexible due yoga for 20 yrs! this ironicallay not have helped. I have been mobile as live alone, no pain, odd twinge. How much ought i move stretch? Main concern a swelling of ankle on the broken side only. for about 2 weeks. I fell 5 ...

Bruising post accidental arterial cannulation?

Posted 23 Dec 2017 by SublimeS 0 answers

My husband was seen at hospital on Thursday, and was accidentally cannulated in his arm into an artery. We have noted today that he has severe bruising on his arm, which is not at the entry site, it is almost on the other side If his arm. He has some pain at entry site, but he is on massive doses ...

Nexplanon - swelling and bruising above my nexaplan after lifting boxes I've had it for 6 months?

Posted 27 Sep 2017 by Megan0806 1 answer

I've had it for 6 months and so I thought lifting was okay.. I lifted 25 pound boxes and I'm 16 and i weigh 105 pounds. yesterday my arm was fine now I've noticed their is a bruise right above my nexaplan and it is starting to swell.. please help is this normal

Hello, I got my Nexplanon inserted on Friday afternoon, I have a very dark bruise which I know is...

Posted 16 Oct 2017 by crgxx 1 answer

... normal although today i noticed a vein that goes down my arm turned a a bit purple and it feels as if it is bruising. when i stretch out my arm it hurts a bit. did this happen to anyone else? is it considered normal? should i go see my doctor ?

Tranexamic Acid - Is there any information one taking tranexamic acid and Elequis?

Posted 22 Oct 2017 by Jeanne Reid 1 answer

Had dental work done and prescribed tranexamic acid and I became unrecognizable due to bruising and swelling?

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