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Implanon - When should the swelling, bruising, and serious pain stop?

Posted 5 May 2011 by ByrdC 5 answers

I havent had the implanon for too long but my arm has a huge bruise on it and it hurts so bad. It hurts to the point of tears. My arm is still pretty swollen and i can barely lift it up. Is this normal?

What is the effect on the brain of long-term use of effexor?

Posted 5 Jan 2012 by elaineatkins 12 answers

Does long-term use of effexor lead to memory loss, brain damge and/or dementia? I know it inhibits platelet aggregation and leads to bleeding and severe bruising resulting from a very slight impact. As I am aged 66 years, I am concerned that continued use of effexor may hasten dementia and memory ...

Is there side effects from unexpected stop of Lisinopril?

Posted 26 May 2014 by My babe Jen 2 answers

Have bruising along with swelling and pain in calves with no apparent reason?

What are normal pt/inr levels for xarelto pts?

Posted 9 May 2014 by Dgray75 3 answers

I have a home health pt that fell and has significant bruising and the dr wants pt/inr level done. I just want to know if the results( norms)are different from warfarin results

Bleed on brain and facile hemorrhage?

Posted 2 days 12 hours ago by Wlmf 0 answers

My daughter was in hit and run 3 yrs ago could this built up as she's had no injuries since to head small piece bone penetrated her ear too . No bruising to face as fell back after bleed started and had seizure .

Tranexamic Acid - Is there any information one taking tranexamic acid and Elequis?

Posted 22 Oct 2017 by Jeanne Reid 1 answer

Had dental work done and prescribed tranexamic acid and I became unrecognizable due to bruising and swelling?

Hello, I got my Nexplanon inserted on Friday afternoon, I have a very dark bruise which I know is...

Posted 16 Oct 2017 by crgxx 1 answer

... normal although today i noticed a vein that goes down my arm turned a a bit purple and it feels as if it is bruising. when i stretch out my arm it hurts a bit. did this happen to anyone else? is it considered normal? should i go see my doctor ?

Nexplanon - swelling and bruising above my nexaplan after lifting boxes I've had it for 6 months?

Posted 27 Sep 2017 by Megan0806 1 answer

I've had it for 6 months and so I thought lifting was okay.. I lifted 25 pound boxes and I'm 16 and i weigh 105 pounds. yesterday my arm was fine now I've noticed their is a bruise right above my nexaplan and it is starting to swell.. please help is this normal

Was on Xaltero for 2 months. I have been off it for 2 weeks?

Posted 28 Sep 2017 by Dfranklyn 0 answers

How long until the easy bruising and long bleeding continue?

I just got the the Nexplanon implant on Monday ( 9/11 ) is it normal to have yellow "bruising"?

Posted 15 Sep 2017 by Shannon s 1 answer

I called my doctor for it and they did not help at all I've only had the implant for about 3 or 4 days and there's only a little normal bruising left. And the yellow is no near the insertion point it's more where the implant ends and runs up to the insertion spot.

I think I might have a problem in my brain. The pains occur everyday now, and continue to worry me?

Posted 3 Sep 2017 by kurtsfidlar 2 answers

Back in june i got into a fist fight with a couple of other people, this one guy struck me behind my left ear about 4-5 times. It left a tiny cut, a bump and pretty bad bruising behind my ear/along my hairline down the back of my neck. The bruising/wound has gone away, as it's now september, ...

Severe side effect after gentamicin: hear loss, hearing loss, bruising, lover back pain at night?

Posted 3 Aug 2017 by ritaoc 1 answer

... time. Possible treatment please help

I have been taking 50mg of trazodone for about a month. I have been having several of the side?

Posted 8 Jul 2017 by Gramma041412105 0 answers

... effects listed in other questions. The question that is my major concern is brushing. I started having severe bruising since starting the drug. Has anyone else had this problem?

My doctor prescribed irbesartan 75mg I read if you had a stroke or kidney had a warming why?

Posted 24 Jun 2017 by Cshel 0 answers

I am having trouble with my bp it can go up in an instant doctors get mad at me they say I don't follow their dirctions I've lost teeth i felt like a tens unit was zapping my heart had bruising and the doctor said it weird my skin has felt like it was on fire I have trying to see what ...

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