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Breast Cancer News

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Breast Symptoms at Mammogram May Raise Future Cancer Risk

Posted 1 day 9 hours ago by

WEDNESDAY, March 21, 2018 – Women with breast symptoms at a regular cancer screening are more likely to develop breast cancer before their next screening, a new study finds. The study included women who took part in the Finnish National Breast Cancer Screening Program between 1992 and 2012. It invites women between ages 50 and 69 for mammograms every two years. Those women who reported breast ...

As Mammograms Became Widespread, Breast Tumor Size Shrank

Posted 1 day 10 hours ago by

THURSDAY, March 22, 2018 – After American women began to adopt annual mammography screening in the 1980s, a very healthy thing happened: the average size of newly discovered breast tumors got smaller. That's the finding from a new look at data on more than 386,000 U.S. women who were diagnosed with breast cancer between 1983 and 2014. The average size of breast tumors at diagnosis fell 23 ...

Genetic Testing Underused in Breast Cancer Patients: Study

Posted 10 days ago by

TUESDAY, March 13, 2018 – Nearly half of newly diagnosed breast cancer patients who should have genetic testing don't receive it, a new study finds. Genetic testing can play an important part in deciding the best course of treatment, the University of Michigan researchers noted. The study included just over 1,700 women with early stage breast cancer who could benefit from genetic testing. Not ...

Presidential Panel Says High-Priced Cancer Drugs Harm Patient Care

Posted 10 days ago by

TUESDAY, March 13, 2018 – "Financial toxicity" caused by high cancer drug prices is harming people's ability to fight the dreaded disease, a new report from the President's Cancer Panel warns. The report, released Tuesday, argues that urgent action is needed to stem the growing price tags associated with new cancer drugs, particularly if the price doesn't match the amount of benefit the drug ...

Cutting Chemo Heart Risks for Breast Cancer Patients

Posted 11 days ago by

MONDAY, March 12, 2018 – Two classes of blood pressure drugs show promise in preventing heart complications caused by chemotherapy for breast cancer, researchers report. One in four women who receives the chemo drug Herceptin develops potentially dangerous heart problems. However, the drug is highly effective at treating an aggressive form of breast cancer called HER2-positive, the scientists ...

Lilly Receives Additional FDA Approval for Verzenio (abemaciclib), as Initial Treatment for Advanced Breast Cancer

Posted 12 days ago by

INDIANAPOLIS, Feb. 26, 2018 /PRNewswire/ – Eli Lilly and Company (NYSE: LLY) today announced that the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has approved Verzenio (abemaciclib) in combination with an aromatase inhibitor (AI) as initial endocrine-based therapy for the treatment of postmenopausal women with hormone receptor-positive (HR+), human epidermal growth factor receptor 2-negative (HER2-) ...

Young Cancer Survivors Finding Support From Social Networks

Posted 14 days ago by

FRIDAY, March 9, 2018 – Social networks and support appear to be stronger among teen and young adult cancer survivors than among their peers who haven't had cancer, a new study has found. Overall, the cancer survivors were found to have more emotional and other types of support and to get more advice on health topics such as physical activity and weight. The 204 participants in the study ...

Breast Cancer Screening Guidelines May Miss Minorities

Posted 16 days ago by

WEDNESDAY, March 7, 2018 – Breast cancer screening guidelines are based mainly on scientific data from white women, and that bias could cause delayed detection of the disease in minorities, researchers report. "While a lot of attention has been focused on improving the 'cultural competency' of clinical care – caring for patients in ways that accommodate their cultural and language differences ...

FDA Approves First Home Test for Three BRCA Breast Cancer Genes

Posted 17 days ago by

TUESDAY, March 6, 2018 – The first consumer test for three BRCA gene mutations associated with breast, ovarian and prostate cancer risk has been approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. The three gene mutations are most common in people of Ashkenazi (Eastern European) Jewish descent, but are not the most common BRCA1/BRCA2 mutations in the general population. The test, from 23nMe, ...

Health Tips: Questions to Ask if You Have Breast Cancer

Posted 18 days ago by

-- If you are diagnosed with breast cancer, you should prepare a list of detailed questions to ask your doctor. The American Cancer Society suggests that you inquire about: Exactly what type of breast cancer do you have? How big is the cancer? Has the cancer spread to my lymph nodes or elsewhere? What's the stage of the cancer? The range is 1 (highly curable) to 4 (advanced and probably has ...

Friends' Experiences Sway Women's Choices on Breast Cancer Care

Posted 3 Mar 2018 by

FRIDAY, March 2, 2018 – Women who've had a friend or relative die of breast cancer say they're likely to opt for aggressive prevention measures if they develop the cancer, according to new research. "The cancer of someone you care about is a lens through which you interpret your own risk," study lead author Tasleem Padamsee said in a news release from Ohio State University. "Our study suggests ...

Health Tip: Surviving Cancer Mentally

Posted 27 Feb 2018 by

-- If you're a cancer survivor, you may have mental health issues that affect your emotions, ability to concentrate, behavior and memory. Ten percent of adult cancer survivors feel they have mental health issues, compared with 6 percent of adults without a history of cancer, the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says. The CDC offers this advice for cancer survivors: Talk to your ...

Race, Insurance Key to Employment After Breast Cancer Diagnosis

Posted 27 Feb 2018 by

MONDAY, Feb. 26, 2018 – Women who leave the workforce after a breast cancer diagnosis are likely to be black or to have public health insurance or none at all, a new study finds. In fact, the study found that black women were four times more likely to leave the workforce than were white women. And those with no insurance or public insurance were nearly five times more likely to leave the ...

Breast Cancer Radiation Not as Bad as Many Fear

Posted 26 Feb 2018 by

MONDAY, Feb. 26, 2018 – Many breast cancer patients say they've heard scary stories about radiation therapy, but their actual experience is usually better, new research finds. The study of more than 300 women who underwent breast radiation found that almost half had heard "frightening" stories going into treatment. But only 2 percent ultimately agreed that the stories were true. And over 80 ...

Take Early Clinical Trials With a Grain of Salt

Posted 22 Feb 2018 by

THURSDAY, Feb. 22, 2018 – More than one-third of early clinical trials exaggerate positive findings and may give patients false hope, a new study suggests. Researchers reviewed data from 930 clinical trials published in 10 leading medical journals between early 2007 and mid-2015. The investigators found that a significant number of early trials reported effects that were 2.7 times greater than ...

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