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Breast Cancer Questions

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Prednisone - Can I take predisolone with biphosphates and letrozole?

Posted 5 days ago by macadam 950 0 answers

I now have oesteoporosis due to taking predisolone for 6 months and now have three fractures to my pelvis. I am on letrozole also after breast cancer.

I am female, 56 years old and have been taking capecitabine for five months. I have stage IV breast?

Posted 27 May 2017 by Seekoei 0 answers

... cancer which has spread to my lungs. My onc informed me that I will have to be taking this drug for the rest of my life. I have gained 22 pounds after taking this drug for five months while following a normal diet combined with light exercise. I will not be going into remission so I cannot ...

Had breast cancer, got off HRT, was prescribed venlafaxine for hot flashes Bad idea?

Posted 3 May 2017 by zapmenot 0 answers

I've been on venlafaxine since March 2015 and started weaning myself off Dec. 2016. I was on 150MG then and got down to 18.75 (half a 37.5 tablet). The last two weeks I broke the half in half and now April 29 stopped taking any. WOW, I feel terrible! I thought I had chemo brain from my cancer ...

Xgeva - What is different about the clinical trial to replace the Xgeva? I have just been.....

Posted 29 Apr 2017 by MY2KIDSBH2 0 answers

... diagnosed with atypical femur fractions. I also take letrozole daily for metastatic breast cancer. Would these drugs work together? Would the side effects be as severe?

Trazodone - Does it interfere with tamoxifen?

Posted 24 Mar 2017 by Bonae 2 answers

Every morning I spit up phlegm with blood in it. Is this dangerous?

Posted 12 Mar 2017 by TINAMCE 2 answers

I had breast cancer 6 years ago and it was stage 3 aggressive. I only spit this up first thing in the morning.

I have tried 3 different breast cancer preventative drugs,Tamoxifen, anastrozole & letrozole?

Posted 4 Dec 2016 by YveeStewart 1 answer

Which of these 3 have the least joint pain side effects for someone 59, post menopause and using to prevent breast cancer?

BRCA1/2 testing - Should I consider? Mom died aggressive form?

Posted 23 Feb 2017 by Marylaw 2 answers

Hello, and thank you in advance. My mother passed away at age 54 of breast cancer after being diagnosed at age 49. No other family history known on African American side. Skin cancer prevalent on other side. I am 35 yo biracial African American and Caucasian ansestry. Should I consider the BRCA1/2 ...

A customer asks for aspirin 75mg because she believes that an aspirin a day will prevent cancer?

Posted 21 Feb 2017 by ananthupillai 1 answer

She's a carer for a father-in-law who is taking methotrexate and there is a history of breast cancer in her family.

I ate some apricot kernels and just do not feel really right.not super bad but not right?

Posted 23 Feb 2017 by arielfauley 1 answer

I have breast cancer, my husband ordered apricot kernels for me and left them on the counter, I ate about 15 of them, and do not feel to good. What is the best thing to do about this. Any home remedies I do not think it is bad enough to go to the hospital. I feel a little nauseous and a bit dizzy, ...

How long does it take for tamoxifen to clear out of your system?

Posted 15 Dec 2016 by Tearl56 1 answer

I'm a 59 yr old woman with a history of estrogen receptive breast cancer. My Dr. Told me that after 5 and a half years, I could go off of tamoxifen. My risk of my breast cancer returning was only 2.3 percent. After 6 months of being off of it, I'm still having several hot flashes per day. ...

How long can Estring be used?

Posted 28 Jan 2017 by Jleo 0 answers

..I've been using estring for over 10 years now. No side effects at all. Mother and sister had breast cancer. I'm checked with mammogram every six months. Has anyone ever heard of anyone using it this long? I tried stopping it a couple of years ago and felt the sweats and generally did ...

Arimidex - Has anyone experienced joint pain localised to one side of the body?

Posted 4 Jan 2017 by Joy557 0 answers

I commenced taking Arimidex post lumpectomy for Breast Cancer at the end of September. Initially I had no side effects but by mid November the hot flashes, insomnia and joint pain were with me daily. The joint pain was localised to my right hip, knee and ankle and was more severe at night only ...

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