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Botox Questions

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Where do they inject Botox for migraines?

Does Botox for migraines also help with wrinkles?

How many units of Botox are used for migraines?

Dysport vs Botox: What's the difference?

Dysport and Botox both have cosmetic uses. But what is the difference?

How does Botox work for migraines?

How long does Botox last for migraines?

What is botulinum toxin used to treat?

What is botulinum toxin? What are the uses of the FDA approved botulinum toxin products?

Anyone had Botox injections for migraines and how long did it take to notice any benefit..?

I just recently had them in June. It was my first time and I don’t know if it takes more than one treatment? I suffer more than 20 days a month with migraines and the neurologist is reluctant to try pain meds even though I'm struggling to even sleep a full night without waking up... read more

I have had Botox injected on 4 different occasions on my forehead, in between my eyes and crows?

... feet. 4 months later, my face is concaving in these areas (one spot on my forehead, in between my eyes and on me cheek bone). I am very distressed over this. I cannot find anyone that this has happened to. The doctor who did the injections said it " cannot be the Botox". Does anyone... read more

Hi everyone .I have been on baclofen for about 2 years. Im starting to wean off it because I was?

... injected w/botox yesterday in my neck and back. I soo Hope it works for spasms! My muscles have felt like rocks for so long. Has anyone here tried botox? Can you tell me how soon I will feel relief?Has anyone had complications weaning off baclofen?

My doctor does not refrigerate the Botox bottle?

My doctor does not refrigerate the Botox bottle when it arrives in her office. At times, she has left it at room temperature for over a week.She has told me that it only needs to be refrigerated after it is reconstituted. I am having problems with it working. Does un-opened Botox need to be... read more

I've had severe fatigue. Can botox for migraines cause this?

... fatigue from shots?

Feeling sick after botox. Please help!?

I had botox 5 days ago. (First time)I got 16 units total injected in my crow's feet.Since then I been feeling sick. I have an intense headache and blurried vision, nausea, itchi and dry eyes. Today I start feeeling like I have the flu and I have back pain. I'm really scared.

Debilitating Nausea with Topamax.. is it just as bad with XR form, trokendi?

I am 26 y/o female and a headache/migraine sufferer for over 10 years. I was put on topamax years ago and had severe, debilitating nausea. Moving a finger or eyeball would worsen nausea. I would pretty much (figuratively speaking) be paralyzed by how bad the nausea, loss of appetite was. Over 6... read more

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