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Why do you take Claritin with Neulasta?

Does Claritin work for bone pain from Neulasta?

Does Neulasta cause bone pain?

How long does bone pain last from Neulasta (pegfilgrastim)?

Is amitriptyline used for neuropathic pain?

I have severe burning in my bones and my doctor has added in amitriptyline will this help and what does should I take

Gabapentin - Has anyone suffered a seizure from taking this medication?

My husband was born with a degenerative muscle and bone disease, much resembling MS, and has been through several different medications. The doctor recently prescribed Gabapentin to help with his problem of restless leg syndrome and pain. Within the first few days of taking this medication, I... read more

Does anyone have severe joint and bone pain after taking Prolia? Mine hurt so bad I can hardly move?

I am due my second shot in September and if this is a side effect I sure do not want to take another one.

How much hydrocodon acetaminophen 5-325 would it be safe to take at once?

i just got out of the er and i have a broken collar bone, bruised ribs, broken ankle, and relocated and sprained left hip (it was dislocated but was put back into place.) i tried one, even two of these pills and they aren't making the slightest difference. should i ask the doc. that prescribed... read more

Prednisone - I have just been prescribed 10 mg for 12 days. I have a small inflamed bone spur on my?

... right back heel. Pain is present when I go down stairs mostly. The side effects I am reading about are freaking me out now. I am on no other meds and have no other health issues. I don't want any either. Does anyone have any experience with this dosage size and limited time of 12 days... read more

I am facing a total hip replacement due to bone on bone with no cartridge left in one of my hips.

I have been in chronic pain and severe arthritis pain for 25 years and I’m not getting treatment for it until now, I recently got an orthopedic surgeon appointment at the first meeting my X-rays showed my fears my left hip has degenerated to bone on bone extremely painful and also rheumatoid... read more

Can you take codeine and naproxen together?

i have broken my ankle, i was given naproxen at the hospital, but i am still in pain, i am taking 250 mg x2 tablets twice a day and also paraectamol x2 four times a day. my doctor had prescribed me now codeine, do i need to stop taking the paracetamol and naproxen?

Orthopedic Surgery - how much more does a shoulder replacement weigh than a regular shoulder?

In other words, how much more does the Titanium weigh in reverse total shoulder replacement surgery than the bone that's removed?

What alternatives are there to xgeva?

my concern is about osteonecrosis of the jaw,as I don't have great oral health. my medical oncologist wants to put me on xgeva for my stage 4 metastatic prostate cancer which is in the bones.

What is the best medicine for a broken bone?

I have broke my top arm close to rotator cuff that does not require surgery as per doctor. They immobilized arm with sling. I I have been taking percocets 10's 3 to 4 times a day. They are not totally effective in taking pain away. I I keep a dull ache in whole arm pretty much constant. This... read more

Neulasta - What can I use for the bone pain in my legs?

I had my first injection 10 days ago and the pain started in my legs at day 9. I have used Claritin and Tylenol with no relief.

Recently put on Tramadol 50mg for chronic neck pain from herniated disc & ostophytes, no use?

Have ostophyteson nearly all of the bones in my neck! I have a lot of trouble taking narcotic due to strange side effects. This has done absolutely nothing for my pain! Has anyone else had the same problem?

How do I know if Prolia is increasing my bone density and building strong dense bone tissue? Will m?

I have had two Prolia injections and am scheduled for another one in October. My main side affects are aching muscles, primarily in my hips, mainly at night while sleeping and walking during the day . A 2013 Dexa Scan revealed that I was at a -4. My doctor said that she had never seen a number that... read more

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