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Severe burning in my legs and feel like my bones are on fire what medication will help?

Posted 9 Aug 2013 5 answers

I'm having a really bad fibro flare up and nothing is helping I've took all my normal medication but is giving me no relief at all I'm delirious with the pain and feel like I'm going to pass out the burning getting worst by the min what should I do

Prednisone - I have just been prescribed 10 mg for 12 days. I have a small inflamed bone spur on my?

Posted 21 Jan 2014 by flanannie 4 answers

... right back heel. Pain is present when I go down stairs mostly. The side effects I am reading about are freaking me out now. I am on no other meds and have no other health issues. I don't want any either. Does anyone have any experience with this dosage size and limited time of 12 days ...

Can the damge from levofloxacin be reversed?

Posted 8 hours ago by stayfit 0 answers

I have bone pain

Giant Cell Arteritis - How to counteract the effects of long term Prednisone use?

Posted 16 days ago by Judy5 1 answer

I am a 73 year old woman, newly diagnosed with Temporal Arteritis. The treatment is long term Prednisone, the evil miracle drug. At my age my bones are already compromised, so what do I do? I refuse to take those horrible drugs for Osteoporosis, and take care of my bones with supplements. Also, I ...

Knee Joint Replacement - Hi. I had a partial knee replacement 12 yrs ago. The replacement slipped?

Posted 29 Dec 2017 by Lynn56 0 answers

... and caused my bone to fracture. I recently had a TKR and am doing good. I have RA, also. I have pain and tightness behind my knee. The pain radiates down my leg. Any thoughts what this may be? Thank you, Lynn

Trigeminal Neuralgia - I recently had a trigeminal nerve block for v2 and v3?

Posted 29 Dec 2017 by Bobbi Sue 0 answers

My ear and jaw pain started to return after 2-3 days. My sinus/cheek bone pain returned after 2 weeks. At 2 1/2 weeks swallowing meat/bread pain returned. I have been in agony for 3 years. The doctor's staff describes him as being conservative with his treatments. The trigeminal block ...

I fractured femor head in a fall. hip seems ok but have swelling ankle and mild bruising, why?

Posted 31 Dec 2017 by getwellnow 0 answers

A fall has broken femor head, not due to weak bones, I am very flexible due yoga for 20 yrs! this ironicallay not have helped. I have been mobile as live alone, no pain, odd twinge. How much ought i move stretch? Main concern a swelling of ankle on the broken side only. for about 2 weeks. I fell 5 ...

Is terifrac 750 mcg recommended with no osteoporosis?

Posted 26 Dec 2017 by Hima_momi 0 answers

My father, who is a polio patient has been advised by doctor to take Terifrac 750 mcg for 2 months. He has recently had a leg fracture at the thigh. Yes, he has weak bones due to polio, but he doesn't have osteoporosis. Is Terifrac the correct treatment for his case?

Can I play soccer after 3 months with a broken collar bone?

Posted 17 Dec 2017 by dohpuvq 0 answers

I've had a broken collar bone for 3 months and it doesn't hurt and I can move my arm perfectly. I have a soccer match tomorrow and my team needs me. will I be able to play? I have no medical history and I broke my collar bone oct. 1

What causes acute (level 10) back pain in the mornig to completely go away in the afternoon?

Posted 29 Nov 2017 by packsback 0 answers

MRI says bone to bone between L3, L4, and L5. Pain is localized to a spot close to the lower spine and is completely debilitating. I must sit at least 2 hours without moving to avoid the stabbing pain. When it subsides I am able to function normally without any pain. I'v had this condition ...

Boniva - I work in a warehouse, my now only employment since the Great Recession, and feel concerned

Posted 25 Nov 2017 by patavalente07 0 answers

... at times about flu-like side effects symptoms that may affect my work safety. I am only 62 and have to to work four more years. I feel I require some coaching just to get through Boniva's bone therapy for 2+ years from therapy that I started January 2017. Hope I have a break until at least ...

Bleed on brain and facile hemorrhage?

Posted 21 Nov 2017 by Wlmf 0 answers

My daughter was in hit and run 3 yrs ago could this built up as she's had no injuries since to head small piece bone penetrated her ear too . No bruising to face as fell back after bleed started and had seizure .

I am 7 years old, I have been diagnosed with type one diabetes since I was 7 years old?

Posted 27 Oct 2017 by goitom 0 answers

I'm a kidney failure and on dialysis for eight years, this last three years I'm not able to walk because my bones are weak, my parathyroid hormone are very high almost 1200 but my Phosphorus and calcium levels are normal what can I do I still don't have any solution for my legs I ...

Does anyone suffer severe upper abdomen pain?

Posted 14 Oct 2017 by Coreenap 1 answer

I just turned 50 in July and have had osteoporosis for a few years. I suffered from premature ovary failure due to a genetic condition called fragile x syndrome. My last bone scan showed severe depletion of bone. My dr discussed fosmax so I tried it for 3 months. I started suffering from left jaw ...

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