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Bone Infection Questions

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Which antibiotics are best for tooth infection cephalexin or clindamycin?

Posted 18 Dec 2014 by ntvangel69 14 answers

I have bad teeth and no matter if I brush/floss regularly & don't eat sweets & quit drinking pop I am still getting pain that is usually associated with infection. I can't remember what antibiotics I was given for my teeth I have clindamycin and cephalexin. All I remember is the ...

Anyone taking Wellbutrin along with Lexapro (Cipralex, escitalopram), what about side effects?

Posted 21 Nov 2011 by ade1971 6 answers

I'm taking wellbutrin 300 er which has been working well. But am now dealing with a bone infection that has a greater than 50% chance of ending with amputation. So I went to my doc for help with the resulting anxiety which is very high. So he gave me some Lexapro (Cipralex, in Canada where I ...

How safe is DMSO if it is applied to the skin when there is a bone infection present?

Posted 5 Mar 2018 by JoJo1072 0 answers

DMSO is said to penetrate the skin and carry - whatever substance it is - through the bloodstream. Does this also mean it could also hasten the spread of an untreated infection that was present in a bone before application of DMSO? I read that DMSO can be used to treat inflammation where there is ...

Cefazolin - Can it be mistaken for an STD?

Posted 4 Jul 2017 by Eaglesmas 0 answers

Not sure of a name of the std but my girlfriend told me she positive for something

Can cephalexin cause your blood pressure rise very high?

Posted 16 Nov 2015 by Kat Smith 2 answers

Had taken 4 perscribed doses of Cephalexin (500Mg) and had an adverse reactionof extremely high blood pressure, unable to concetrate, walk very well without help.Spent 1 1/2 days in hospital, went home, took 1 dose and ended back in the emergency room for 5 hours. I had also taken Baclofen (20Mg) ...

Is it ok to take acetaminophen, amoxicillin, and cephalexin together?

Posted 12 Nov 2015 by SamRobin29 2 answers

Ok i was given amoxicillin and cephalexin by a doctor and told to take a over the counter painreliever for my oral abcess and need to know if these will react in abad way in my body

I have developed double vision after a 9 week intravenous prescription of Daptomycin for a post?

Posted 23 Oct 2015 by pweed-wolnick 1 answer

... quadruple by-pass Staph-induced Bone infection. Info. I have read says "blurred" vision is a common side effect. What about a side effect of double vision?

Are the symptoms of bone infection similar to cellitis?

Posted 27 Apr 2015 by laurantoby 1 answer

I have had swelling in the feet for a long period of time (length of time unknown) the redness followed shortly after a recently sprained ankle

How much dicloxacillin is effective in bone infections?

Posted 25 Sep 2013 by vivek rane 3 answers

ostomyltis ?

Meds for bone infection?

Posted 15 Oct 2013 by carol53 1 answer

I was on iv antibiotic, put me on levofloxacin I am having reaction burning skin and rash what can they use if they change my med

Diabetes, Type 2 - Hi, Has anyone been rx'ed sulfatrim for a not deep foot ulcer? I have a very?

Posted 31 Jul 2013 by ade1971 1 answer

... shallow ulcer on my ankle and in the past have had keflex for ulcers, but this is the 1st time I've been rx'ed sulfatrim and would like to know if others have used it for ulcers, whether it worked better or worse than other drugs etc. Thanks, Ade

Is there documented trials or use of IV Diphenhydramine helps pain?

Posted 31 Oct 2009 by rockygurl2 2 answers

I suffer from CRPS/RSD and call IV Diphenhydramine my wonder drug. I have to take it when I am on Vancomycin to stop the "Red Man Syndrome", but it also stops my nausea and itching from any IV pain meds I may be on, plus the CRPS/RDS causes nausea from the constant pain and pain meds. ...

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