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Boil is swollen? Doctor prescribed clindamycin 300 mg?

Posted 27 Dec 2017 by blazekmg 1 answer

Boil is very swollen doctor prescribed clindamycin 300 mg twice daily well that make it go away and doctor didn't do procedure was to hard and said nothing would come out

What are these little boil like sores that pop out all over my body?

Posted 27 Oct 2018 by JRosier1968 0 answers

I am getting very sporadic boil like sores that appear anywhere and everywhere at different times. One goes away and another one will appear. The pop out with no warning and get very sore and stay around for over 2 weeks. They look like big pimples or small boils and they get a whitehead ...

I need help from some of you who have fibromyalgia, osteoarthritis, myo pain syndrome, chronic pain?

Posted 5 Sep 2013 by nanimal 4 answers

For years I have suffered from all of these plus more. Last Oct I found what I thought was a boil or pimple on my head where 3 years earlier I had a cyst removed. So I messed with it and a suture about 1/2 in popped out! I then thought all was good and that it would heal well it didn't! I kept ...

Can I use Bactroban on a lump/infected cyst on my vaginal lip?

Posted 5 Jun 2015 by IvyCoombes 1 answer

Very Swollen and painful, not sure if it is a cyst, or a boil.

How long to take Augmentin 875 mg for streptococcal dermatitis?

Posted 17 Sep 2017 by blacksun 1 answer

Hello I've had recurring abscessed boils on my face for about a year now. One on the forehead was determined to be a carbuncle, and was surgically removed. After that I got a prescription for Augmentin of which I only took about 3 pills and I'm now wondering for how long to take these ...

Cephalexin - Recurring boils need advise?

Posted 28 Apr 2015 by Omahane81 1 answer

I've had boil problems on my inner thigh ... I was prescribed 1% topical stuff that didn't work , so I got cephalexin 500 mlg..what's the side affects.. And does it work? What else does it treat?

Hello, my name is ama. is clindamycin 300mg used for boils?

Posted 21 Oct 2015 by SERWAA 1 answer

have been taken clindamycin 300mg twice a day for six days to treat repeated boils but can't see any improvement

Would Clindamycin cause you to get more boils?

Posted 4 Jun 2016 by Stlgurl 1 answer

I had a boil drained by needle 3 weeks ago & was put on bactrium. Then got developed an even worse boil & had to present myself at urgent care to have it drained & that Doctor put me on Clindamycin. I've bern on Clindamycin for 3 days & ive developed 4 more minor boils... All ...

Boils - I got a boil on my back. It was very large, hard and hurts. But when I fell of it, not as?

Posted 17 Jul 2016 by Sherrylou1 2 answers

... big and it's don't hurt. I was wondering if a boil can grow inward instead of outward?

Should I be concerned that I developed a dark red boil a few days after finishing clindamycin?

Posted 9 Jun 2018 by PDWinTex 1 answer

I had a cyst that popped and drained for a while. Went to a clinic because I thought there was more to drain. I was prescribed clindamycin 3 times daily for 10 days. I was also given a paper on cellulitis. The place that was draining looks better but its not healed over and not draining any longer. ...

Do you take bactrim for boils on skin? If so, are prescribed this 'cure' for life?

Posted 21 May 2013 by knedmonds 1 answer

I've lived with boils on my skin for a long time. I took bactrim for preventive measures for a couple years. I came off of it a year ago simply because my RX ran out (and I don't want to be on pills forever if I can help it). Two months ago, I went on a vegan based cleanse for 7 days. ...

Does Naproxen cause boils?

Posted 14 May 2014 by brummiebabs 2 answers

I have been taking Naproxen tablets 500mg for a few days. I have got 2 boils in my groin area, they are very red and sore. I find walking and sitting very painful. Has anyone had this side effect while taking the drug please? Many thanks.

Can clobetasol cause boils/abscesses such as carbuncle on the inner labia?

Posted 23 Sep 2014 by AngiePoo45 1 answer

I have developed what I believe to be possibly an infected hair follicle or blocked sweat gland on my inner labia. I had it before, but never quite this bad. I am wondering if overuse and/or improper use of clobetasol could possibly cause this type of problem?

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