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Bladder Infection Questions

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Should I go back to the doctors? I'm on my third day of macrobid and it hasn't cleared up my uti?

Posted 1 Aug 2012 by Leahmurr 10 answers

I have something wrong with my bladder for sure. Ever since I was sixteen and I'm twenty now I have had bladder problems. They may think it's interstitial cystitis. I'm still waiting to see a urologist... it's been a year and a half now. I usually test negative for any urine ...

How much medicine does your baby actually get when you take something while pregnant?

Posted 11 May 2012 by savannah39 10 answers

I have had severe tooth pain (root canal that really needs to be done, but so expensive I have not been able to afford to do anything) and have had several kidney and bladder infections since I have become pregnant. I have had to take alot of antibiotics and hydrocodone for the pain. I was curious ...

Bladder Infection - I did a home test for UTI and it was positive. I had all the symptoms of?

Posted 14 Jun 2013 by dbworried 7 answers

... urgency burning -constant even when not going and pressure . My doc did a sample and said it was negative but mine was positive with the symptoms. I am on Microbid - 4th day. I also feel a fullness in m lower abdomen is this a normal feeling - it just feels full and uncomfortable. Almost feels ...

Can cephalexin be used to treat an abcess?

Posted 23 May 2014 by Elissajohnson30 2 answers

How would clindamycin work on bladder infection?

Posted 17 Feb 2011 by baglady805 2 answers

i have pain blood and very little urin

Will keflex help my sinus infection?

Posted 17 May 2014 by rileyt 2 answers

What can cause GFR to drop?

Posted 21 Jul 2010 by Birdhappy 4 answers

Renal Failure - Went to my PDr Monday and she ran my kidney function for me in three months my GFR?My GFR dropped from 39 to 27 in just three months. What caused the sudden drop? By the way she also found out I had a bladder infection. Also my creatinine level was 1.95 normal range is 0.50-1.30. ...

Urinary Tract Infection - Hi all- I had a uti combined with BV and was given cipro and flagyl. I?

Posted 1 May 2013 by princessbunnybee 3 answers

... took my last dose of cipro and I am still having some pain in my bladder. Does this mean that it is not gone? I have been in pain for about 2 weeks now. Right now I am drinking hot lemon water which usually helps me

Completed the full dosage of Cipro for a bladder infection, should I still be in pain?

Posted 17 Mar 2013 by d_fern 4 answers

The bladder infection is accompanied with intense itching inside of my vaginal walls. The doctor said it was probably yeast. She prescribed me Fluconazole (diflucan) for this and I took it immediately, however absolutely none of the itching has subsided. I don't think it's yeast. I took ...

Itching all over my body. Could this be a reaction to cipro? Taken cipro many times with no problem?

Posted 16 Dec 2014 by Dana_Bee 2 answers

I am prone to uti's. I am 30 years old and have been getting them since I was a child. I have been given cipro countless times for uti's with no adverse reactions. I recently developed another uti and began taking cipro as usual, but by the third day I began to itch all over my body. I ...

Urinary Tract Infection - Can ur boyfriend be giving it back to u, bc I keep getting one over and?

Posted 13 Oct 2016 by Amesszz 4 answers

... over, I've been on ciprofloxacin a few times and even been on bactrim, is he giving it back to me

Prevention of Bladder infection - Can we use drugs Zithromax 250mg for the treatment of Bladder?

Posted 10 Jan 2013 by harrygary 3 answers

If we had the bladder infection can we use this drug Zithromax for treatment? Not prevention !

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