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Benign Essential Tremor Questions

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How quickly does propranolol work?

Should gabapentin be taken with food?

Gabapentin - does everyone taking this medicine gain weight?

I just started taking this medicine gabapentin. For pain in my neck. I hope I don't gain weight. Thank you

Is Propranolol good for tremors?

My son is 12 and has familial tremors and we went to his pediatrician to see if there is any meds that could help stop the tremors. He prescibed propranolol at a low dose 2x a day. I also see that this drug can cause depression, specially in people who have a family history, which we do. Should we... read more

What happens if I take expired propranolol? For stage fright?

I have a bottle of Inderal LA 60 mg (long acting propranolol), it says it expires this month. I still have a lot of pills and I need it for a presentation in March 2018. Will it still work for that date? Has anyone tried or has any experience? I would buy it again but I live in Argentina and I have... read more

Two doses of propranolol same time?

What do I do if I accidentally took two 10 mg of propranolol within 5 minutes of each other when I’m taking one 10 mg twice daily. Usually take one at 930 am then another at 930 pm. I accidentally took two at 930pm.

What is propranolol used for?

20mg tab twice a day

Benign Essential Tremor - Has anyone had any luck with Tremadone?

I have been on propranolol for 20 years and has been increased to 80 mg. and not effective anymore.

Does propranolol make you gain or lose weight ? Thanks?

I've started taking propranolol for anxiety 40 mg twice daily and I'm worried if this is safe and will it affect my weight

Can we take gabapentin with other meds?

Can primidone make tremors worse?

Just increased dosage for ET focused mostly in hands. Tremors seem unusually bad, and are way more than a tremor, as the time for next dose approaches. Doctor says this is not a side effect, but I am finding it unmanageable. This new kind of tremor makes me do things like fling food off the plate.... read more

Nadolol or propranolol for essential tremor?

I have been taking taking propranolol for a number of years for essential tremor, and recently my tremor has begun to get slightly worse with time. I’m thinking of switching to nadolol since I’ve seen a number of reviews where this was beneficial for people with this condition. I would... read more

I am trying to wean off Primidone and find I feel very ''fuzzy' in the head. Is this normal?

How long should it take to wean off the medication as I want to do it properly? I was taking 125mg twice a day, am now down to once a day after 12 days. Is this too quick?

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