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Has anybody used fluorouracil 5% topical cream for only seven days only and get good results?

Posted 26 Jan 2016 by eedx2 6 answers

My Doctor, an MD, who prescribed fluorouracil 5% topical cream to spots on my face and was told to apply it twice a day just to the spots for seven days. A little back ground, I have had some previous skin problems in the past and been treated by freezing (cryo.) for a spot or two, one of which ...

Efudex - This is new to me, I've had 3 basal cell cancers removed surgically on my head/face.

Posted 6 days ago by ccjacket 1 answer

Now I have several spots on my head. my doctor said to rub this all over my head twice a day for 3 weeks, started yesterday. How long does it take to begin noticing whether it's working?

I have basal cell carcinoma?

Posted 8 days ago by crafty-gal 0 answers

It started with a very small clear bump. Didn't pay an attention to it until it got redder and irregular shape so I went to dermatologist. They did a biopsy and got results the next week. It came back with Basal cell carcinoma. Now they to cut more to get the cancer. They didn't get all ...

Mupirocin - Does it make your cystic acne ooze ?

Posted 24 Aug 2017 by Zoe Cambridge 0 answers

I notice when I apply it to the upper cheek basal cell carcinoma white head thingy (cystic acne?) It begins to tingle and ooze clear liquid but never on the regular cystic acne anyone else have this?

Pregnancy - What cream is safe to use in the skin after a Basal cell Carcinoma surgery if I am preg?

Posted 10 May 2017 by carocolombia 0 answers

pregnant? I am pregnant (6 weeks) and was diagnosed with a Basal cell Carcinoma in a mole on my neck. I am going to have surgery to remove the carcinoma. What cream is safe to use during pregnancy for the scar after the surgery.

Treatment options after failed imiquimod use?

Posted 16 Mar 2017 by Gma Sue 0 answers

What are the treatment options for basal cell carcinoma after a five-week failure using imiquimod cream? The area is large covering both cheeks and the entire nose.

Have used Fluorouracil 5% cream on basal cell spot on leg for 6 weeks,still scabbed over,continue?

Posted 18 Mar 2016 by WincVA 0 answers

The spot was red. Was scabbed over after using Fluorouracil a few weeks. Does this mean I should stop using the cream or do I continue using the cream until the scab falls off? I have no idea when I should stop using the cream. The only dermatologist in our area is not covered by my ObamaCare ...

Imiquimod - I am on week 5 day 2 of using aldara cream for basal cell carcinoma and it's at my worst

Posted 4 Aug 2015 by lou83 1 answer

what stage will it start getting better iv only got one more week after this.

Basal Cell Carcinoma - I had a bcc removed from my nose 6 weeks ago. They told me they got all the?

Posted 12 Sep 2015 by JerryFromKC 1 answer

... cancer out. I have since noticed a small sore in the same spot that is not healing ( similar to the original bcc). After shelling out my portion of the surgery ( $1,700 of the Total Charge of $9,917) If this new sore is bcc should I be expected to incur about the same cost?

Basal Cell Carcinoma - How can the skin Dr. Know how deep the basilcell has grown. I have begging?

Posted 9 Dec 2014 by Chattykathy16 1 answer

... my husband to go back to the skin Dr. for over 5 years his nose and temple have been bleeding that long. My husband has 7 basilcell spots . My husband had 2 moles surgeries on his face about 10 years ago Also a few basilcell on his back and one squamous cell. My husband only went to the skin Dr ...

Has anyone taken Erivedge less frequently as in a couple times a week with good results?

Posted 23 Feb 2015 by msmeggers 2 answers

I was on for 8 months. ALL side effects and total loss to quality of life! After 2 months off I was in for MOHS surgery on my head and now I'm covered in more basal cells then ever before! The thought of going back on it makes me cringe but I wonder if taking it less frequently would lighten ...

Have you had electrochemotherapy to treat a subcutaneous basal cell carcinoma tumor?

Posted 13 Dec 2014 by john691 1 answer

I have recently gone to England for electrochemotherapy treatment of a subcutaneous advanced basal cell carcinoma (BCC) tumor. What has been your experience, effectiveness, side effects, and healing after your treatment? Would you recommend a second treatment if the first one had a partial response?

Basal Cell Carcinoma - I have had 2 Moh's surgeries, one on my leg and the other on my upper left?

Posted 16 Sep 2014 by jharris1960 1 answer

... back. The dermatologist told me the one on my back had been growing for about 3 years and tumors broke off from the main tumor. These were 2 years apart. Neither BCC looked like the pictures I've seen on the internet. I also have red bumps that resemble bites several places on my body and ...

Looking for other metastatic Basal Cell Carcinoma patients?

Posted 23 Dec 2013 by theGoat 1 answer

Have mBCC in my axilla lymph nodes and lungs. Looking to compare notes with others. Currently on Erivedge with stable results.

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