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Is it safe for a 9 month old baby to take Melatonin?

Posted 27 Jun 2014 by hotshondra805 11 answers

I know who gives their 9 month old baby melatonin every day he sleeps almost all day long minutes the two hours he spends crying .the parents don't give him any attention at all barley changing his diaper maybe twice a day.when he is awake he looks completely lethargic and ...

Is Bystolic 2.5 mg gluten free?

Posted 26 Jan 2018 by mmacarth 1 answer

I have celiac disease so have to be very careful when taking medications. The offending gluten would be wheat, barley, rye and oats. Thank you

Are the benefits of barley grass identified in dry as well as fresh products?

Posted 17 Feb 2018 by barblibrarian 0 answers

If juice from barley grass is freshly obtained and ingested, it must contain a certain level of vitamins and nutrients. If the juice is then dried and added to other ingredients to create tablets, is it as effective? Or possibly even more effective if concentrated? Has research done on barley grass ...

Barley Grass - Cholesterol reduction?

Posted 9 Feb 2018 by lskoftel 0 answers

Does barley grass really lower the cholesterol? I am no longer taking a statin and would like to start taking an herbal supplement without side effects.

My puppie got smashed in the door on Saturday. They gave her tramadol and Guhpentine.

Posted 29 Oct 2017 by CrystalSmith 1 answer

She can't poop. She can barely stand due to injury, plus she is only 2 pounds. What can I give her to make her poop and more comfortable? Please help. It's unbearable watching your animals suffer.

After using Monistat 3 the itch was gone for a few days and now is so slightly back barely noticable

Posted 30 Sep 2017 by Lola1014 0 answers

Should I do another round of Monistat? Also how long should I wait to have sex?

Depo-Provera - after a year of no bleeding, suddenly a period?

Posted 15 Feb 2015 by zina_95 1 answer

Depo-Provera - I have been on the shot for just over a year. For the first two months I had such light spotting that it was barley noticeable. Since then I have had no bleeding or cramping. But yesterday, after 9 months of no bleeding, I got my period. Back with agonizing cramps(the reason I got ...

Accidentally began with the blue pill instead of the white one first time using birth control ?

Posted 29 Aug 2016 by Jennifersosalinas 0 answers

I barley started TriNessa Lo today and I didn't read the directions and it says you are supposed to start with the white pills but I took two (Sunday & Monday's) of the blue pills instead. What do I do to get on track?

How to cure a panic disorder caused by birth control?

Posted 5 Jun 2016 by JrMom1229 1 answer

A little over a year ago I got on the birth control called Nexplanon. I went from 100% healthy to a severe panic disorder which is so debilitating. I can barley leave the house and don't drive anymore. I also ended up with IBS and Hypoglycemia which makes my panic disorder worse. I have tried ...

Hello, I have a light yeast infection according to my doctor and she told me to use monistat, so I?

Posted 3 Jan 2016 by Sofie_rey 1 answer

... bought monistat three and I'm barley on day two and I had sex the next day; so my question is what is the side affects? And can I still continue to day three?

Had sex and been taking birth control had a condom mishap, should I take plan b?

Posted 30 Mar 2015 by berness 1 answer

I am new to birth control and barley started taking them on the 22 of march and my boyfriend and I had sex on the 29th and used a condom but had a condom mishap. I've been taking the birth control everday at 8:30 pm for the pass week. i don't know how long it takes the birth control to ...

Terbinafine - Im barley starting the Lamisil?

Posted 12 Oct 2015 by Ladyg87 0 answers

How many times a day do i take one is it one in the am and one in pm or just in the am ???

Does Omeprazole cap 20mg contain gluten ??

Posted 22 May 2013 by celiac sufferer 1 answer

I have celiac disease and can't have wheat, malt, barley, rye and other grains that have gluten in t hem,,,

I'm four days late and I barley bought birth control pills. my aunt told me not to take the pills?

Posted 4 May 2015 by sstonefox 1 answer

... until I start my period. can I just take the pills before my period or do I have to wait After my period?

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