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Bacteria Questions

We found 9 questions associated with the 'Bacteria' topic.

Amox-Clav (AUGMENTIN) interaction with alcohol?

Posted 12 Oct 2017 by wiscobagers1992 1 answer

Hello, I have been taking Amox-Clav (augmentin) 875mg tablets twice a day for one week so far. I was prescribed it for 21 days for bacteria that was found in my semen (I'm a male). The doctor said it is fairly common form of bacteria but might as well knock it out so prescribed the ...

Bacterial Vaginitis - Since I'm a big man, can my partner get a BV infection off of me, since I'm...

Posted 26 May 2017 by Brewzter 2 answers

... bigger would I have more bacteria on me to pass to her? She claims she had now issues before we met. She is on the Depo injections and we do not use condoms.

I have tooth infection but I'm allergic to antibiotics. Can I use gum paint to fight bacterias?

Posted 15 Aug 2017 by SukhvirBrar 4 answers

My upper right molar need to be extracted because of cavity damage. Doctor prescribed me some antibiotics before extraction but im allergic to antibiotics. Can i use gum paint to clear the infection? Answer Please.

Azithromycin - Has anyone taken the Zpac for a bacterial infection?

Posted 18 Sep 2018 by Ladypart101 0 answers

I was prescribed zithromax but had the generic version of the medicine for bacterial vaginosis. I am on day 5 and I am not improving like I probably should. I just have overgrowth of the bacteria that’s already there, and I’m not sure why I’m not improving. Really upsetting that I ...

Does anyone who has gone through sepsis experience sore stiff legs,shoulders, as well as numbness?

Posted 7 Nov 2017 by DavidUr 2 answers

The numbness is mainly in my knees and travels up and down my legs. I had to learn to walk again and was trach'd. I picked up two types of yeast bacterias when I went to the hospital for what was diagnosed as a mild case of walking pneumonia. This caused the sepsis within hours and I was put ...

Bacterial Infection - Had gallbladder surgery now got bacterial infection and testicles are swollen.

Posted 14 Jun 2018 by delbert5199 1 answer

Is it possible that an infection was caused by the surgery?

Im freaken out. Need help?

Posted 19 Jun 2017 by Blues010 1 answer

So i have pcos and have had my period 3 months. And everytime i jave had sex the last 6 months i bleed.So went to the doctors. She gave me. Pap smear and got a phone call stating i have a bacteria vaginal infection. The gave me metronidazole 500mg x2 tablets. 4x a day for 5 days. But when i got my ...

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