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Myasthenia Gravis - DOES ANYONE HAVE SERIOUS BALANCE ISSUES? I was diagnosed a couple years ago?

Posted 14 Dec 2009 by eyemacatluvr 7 answers

... when my left eye kept closing. I have been on Pyridostigmine and they recently added Azathioprine with no better results. I just went through 5 days of IVIG week before last and that didn't help either. I just keep getting weaker but what has my doctors really confused is my extremely ...

Medication - Immunosuppression and the proliferation of skin cancers. Does anyone have suggestions?

Posted 27 Feb 2013 by Mariasimms 4 answers

... for improving skin condition when faced with the proliferation of skin cancers (BCCs & SCCs) while taking an immuno-suppressant like Myfortic or Azathioprine? Any thoughts on the use of Vitamin B3 for the skin (is it safe for Autoimmune Hepatitis suffers – does it counteract ...

Erectile dysfunction and myesthenia gravis?

Posted 5 Aug 2013 by NEERU 2 answers

I am 60 yrs old male and am taking medicine for 'myesthenia gravis'. I am on basically 3 drugs 1) pyridostigmine - 4 tablets 2)azathioprine - 3 tablets and 3) prednislone 25 mg per day. I have no erection. Can I take viagra or cialis for sexual satisfaction. Anyone please let me know.

Azathioprine - when coming off this drug, is it normal to have withdrawal symptoms? such as?

Posted 28 Jan 2013 by bettyboop13 1 answer

... irritability, dizziness, hand tremers or shaking, or the feeling that your entire body inside is vibrating

Should I put my 14 year old son on remicade?

Posted 14 Dec 2015 by Pam Brown123 1 answer

I have a 14 year old son with crohns. For almost 2 years. He has been ok on azathioprine, but about 6 weeks ago started to lose weight again and started not to eat much. Regular doc appointment at hospital showed his bloods weren't great. Turns out he is in a flare up! Had a liver biopsy last ...

My dog is on mestinon, azathioprine & prednisone,she she has a gassy stomach,can I give her mylanta?

Posted 26 Mar 2011 by BeckyAB61 2 answers

She has myasthenia gravis & mega esophagus. Just want to know if the mylanta will hurt her.

After a flare up due to crohns disease in Jan 2017, I have been on Azathioprine for about 3-4?

Posted 3 Sep 2017 by dancamell 1 answer

... months, recently weaned off the prednisone about 1 month ago. Since then I have been having a lot of hot flashes and chills quite bad at night, my hair is falling out a lot in the last 2 weeks and I have some joint pain. My doctor has told me it is my choice as to whether I stop taking the ...

Crohns flareup in January 2010?

Posted 6 Feb 2010 by sheila01 2 answers

Taking azathioprine 50mg 1.5 pills a day for many years. Started prednisone 10mg 4 tablets daily to stop bleeding, tapered down to 2.5 pills and started bleeding again, now back to 3 pills, decreasing a pill a week. Bleeding has stopped again. Started Remicade and have had 2 infusion with no ...

Is it okay to breastfeed while taking 50mg azathioprine?

Posted 3 Jun 2010 by msan 1 answer

I've given birth to my daughter 12 days ago and am currently breastfeeding. I was taking 100mg of azathioprine during pregnancy and this has now been reduced to 50mg of azathioprine. I'm taking this medication due to auto-immune hepatitis. My pediatrician has recommended that I ...

Can a person get cateracts from taking azathioprine?

Posted 12 Aug 2010 by Karen G. 2 answers

two years ago i had no cateracts now I do the eye doctor says its probably from my medications.

Have low red blood cell count and anaemia due to azathioprine. consultant has reduced dose to 100mg?

Posted 6 Jan 2014 by corsa 1 answer

... from 150mg. Feel tired and very achy. Is this due to low red blood cells??? Prescribed for PHEMIGOID

Can I stop azathioprine for operation on knee?

Posted 8 Apr 2015 by slido 1 answer

I am to have knee replacement and surgeon wants me of medication , will I have reaction. Have been on azathioprine for more than 10 years following colon resection after Crohns decease

Will products sold over the counter for adding protein for building muscles (powder for shakes)?

Posted 29 Nov 2009 by BJRONE 1 answer

... interact with any prescription drugs such as Lisinopril, Coumadin, Multaq, Azathioprine, Diltiazem XYZAL or Zolpidem?

Is azathioprine 50 mg twice in a day safe for child of 9 year?

Posted 7 Aug 2010 by PRAGATI 1 answer

Is azathioprine 50 mg twice in a day safe for child of 9 year.

Can I concieve a healthy child when my parnter is taking azathioprine? and what are the chances of?

Posted 8 Nov 2012 by steph xx 1 answer

... their being foetul development problems? we have been trying for two years to concieve a child but nothing has happend! i have currently read that azathioprine can cause problems with the foetus development and can increase chances of miscarrage and death. i just want to know what the chances ...

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