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I was prescribed avelox for head & chest congestion w/ an oral steroid?? why would my doctor do?

Posted 25 Sep 2009 by coley74 7 answers

... that? now i am having pain in the arch of my foot? could that be related? should i stop the oral steroid, and avelox?

Can you drink alcohol while taking avelox?

Posted 2 Apr 2011 by lady b 2 answers

I am allergic to Amoxicillin, Keflex, Cipro, Bactrim, Flagyl, Avalox what can I take?

Posted 19 May 2014 by khalesee3249 2 answers

Because of these allergies most doctors just put me on a zpack problem with that is I have been on it so many times that it isnt as effective as it should be. I know I can take levaquin but I was wonder if there are any other antibiotics that I can take?

Can I use Avelox for a tooth abscess and sinus infection?

Posted 26 Sep 2010 by jmcr453 2 answers

I have a tooth abscess and have a sinus infection which may or may not be related but it is making me miserable. I have a throbbing headache and the pressure in my sinus cavities is making my tooth pain almost unbearable. I took a 24 hour claritin for allergies this morning but think I will start ...

Peripheral neuropathy warning from FDA?

Posted 16 Aug 2013 by endlessPred 6 answers

Thought you all should know about this notice from today. I will post part of the notice below this statement. Having just been in the hospital and have received three of these meds there, I am waiting to see how this may affect me. I should let all of you know that the use of the antibiotics was ...

When you finish prescription how long before medicine is out of system?

Posted 28 Feb 2010 by redbird10 1 answer

When you finish your avelox prescription, how long before it is how of your system.

My husband was brought to the emergency room with pneumonia two weeks ago. He stayed for three days?

Posted 18 Oct 2011 by ellurd 4 answers

... and returned home. Now, two weeks later, he's still sick. I don't know why and I'm scared. At one point he switched from Avalox to another another antibiotic (begins with a z) and that seemed to make him worse. He resumed work lugging computers around and working on them. This ...

Is Avelox, Biaxin or Z-pack penicillin related ?

Posted 23 Oct 2012 by mypedro1 1 answer

I'm allergic to penicillin, what antiobiotics can I take that are not penicillin related?

I have had sinus problems my whole life?

Posted 2 May 2014 by sinushelp 3 answers

I have been thru all the antibiotics like levaquin, biaxin and avelox. I have even tried an inhaler from California that didn't work. What antibiotic is left for me to take?

Do Probiotics interfere with Antibiotics?

Posted 31 Mar 2015 by Haiku13 2 answers

Do Probiotics inference with the effectiveness of Antibiotics when taken at the same time?

Avelox and yogurt?

Posted 25 Sep 2009 1 answer

Can you take avelox and eat yogurt? My pharmacist says not to drink or eat dairy products for a 2 hour period

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