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I have been given Atarax 25mg today for anxiety and sleep, is this primarily for sleep?

Posted 4 Mar 2013 by jlc1974 8 answers

I also take BP meds.I have not taken it yet. My concern is that it says to take 2 tabs before bedtime as needed so this makes me think it is primarily for sleep. If i take it during the day when I am stressed, will I be able to function @ work, I have to be alert with what I do so I am not clear on ...

What are the differences between Atarax and Vistaril? Why prescribe one but not the other?

Posted 13 Apr 2012 by AllyCat876 6 answers

How does Vistaril help with anxiety? Why else might Vistaril be prescribed? The side effects (of Vistaril) were too much for me. Now I take Atarax for anxiety and have noticed some of the same unpleasant side effects. Do either of these medications need to build up in the my body before becoming ...

Can I use Atarax everyday for insomnia and take it with a SSRI?

Posted 24 Feb 2018 by Leen90 1 answer

Can I use Atarax everyday for sleeping with SSRI's?

Do I have to pick anxiety over depression? My medications make me?

Posted 8 Mar 2018 by bville123 2 answers

I used to take 100mg of zoloft every day. Worked great for my anxiety but made me really depressed. I was switched to 25mg of Atarax a day and I am no longer depressed by my anxiety is through the roof. Panic attacks almost every day so bad that I pull hair out and hit my head, I cry for hours and ...

Atarax - Extreme itching can anybody help me?

Posted 3 Mar 2018 by Smartpants1 1 answer

I have had extreme itching all over my body for 35 years and it seems to be getting worse. I have tried most antihistamines with no joy the only one that helps a bit is Atarax can anyone help.

Is it Safe to Mix Zoloft 25mg and Atarax 25mg?

Posted 20 Jan 2018 by EscobarA 2 answers

Hi , I’m on day 2 with the Zoloft and been going through Hell my Axiety and Panic attacks been on off all Day I woke up having panic attack was seeing if anyone else takes atarax with there prescription Zoloft .

My 15 year old daughter has been prescribed Zoloft and Atarax?

Posted 17 Aug 2017 by 4MyPrincess 4 answers

For depression and anxiety .I'm so scared to give it to her.yes I want her to feel better.but I'm not sure if this is right for her. Please I need I'm able to help my daughter.

How sedating is Atarax?

Posted 6 Sep 2017 by katevl237 2 answers

Pruritus Torture. Help?

Posted 9 Sep 2017 by LeslieAnn10 0 answers

Hi, I am writing to find out if anyone out there knows what to do with pruritus, it is severe, and I'm at the end of my rope. I have tried Atarax, Benadryl, Zrytec, Also the one thing which works 60% of the time is camphor, SARNA lotion, Ben Gay ultra strength has camphor in it, I've ...

Hydroxyzine - Adult hand and foot eczema?

Posted 30 Jul 2017 by Sineadc 1 answer

Just been prescribed 10 mg of Atarax for severe itch due to hand and foot eczema. Have used it for a few nights now and no result yet. At this dose no sleepiness. Should I increase the dose?

Has anyone taken Atarax for hep c itch while taking Harvoni? If so love some feedback. I have been..

Posted 21 Aug 2017 by MER1949 0 answers

... debating about asking doctor about it.

Hydroxyzine(Atarax) + Cannabis?

Posted 1 Mar 2014 by hejsansvejsan 1 answer

Are there any known drug interactions with Hydroxyzine and Medical Cannabis?

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