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Can you take hydroxyzine for anxiety and sleep?

Why was Atarax discontinued?

I have been given Atarax 25mg today for anxiety and sleep, is this primarily for sleep?

I also take BP meds.I have not taken it yet. My concern is that it says to take 2 tabs before bedtime as needed so this makes me think it is primarily for sleep. If i take it during the day when I am stressed, will I be able to function @ work, I have to be alert with what I do so I am not clear on... read more

What are the differences between Atarax and Vistaril? Why prescribe one but not the other?

How does Vistaril help with anxiety? Why else might Vistaril be prescribed? The side effects (of Vistaril) were too much for me. Now I take Atarax for anxiety and have noticed some of the same unpleasant side effects. Do either of these medications need to build up in the my body before becoming... read more

Atarax is giving me nightmares! Anyone else?

Hydroxyzine - Has anyone had withdrawal symtoms when coming off/gone without Atarax?

Recently started this med and it works wonders for me. (25mg/qid)) I was on a strong pain med for 22yrs and withdrawal... I cant even describe. Never want that again! Just worried.

Hydroxyzine(Atarax) + Cannabis?

Are there any known drug interactions with Hydroxyzine and Medical Cannabis?

Is it Safe to Mix Zoloft 25mg and Atarax 25mg?

Hi , I’m on day 2 with the Zoloft and been going through Hell my Axiety and Panic attacks been on off all Day I woke up having panic attack was seeing if anyone else takes atarax with there prescription Zoloft .

Does this drug show up as a benzo in a drug test?

I am in a SLE and I am NOT using and for some reason I am coming up positive for Benzodiazopines and because Atarax is an antihistimine, I am thinking this might be the answer but I am hitting dead ends. Can anyone help me?

Atarax - Can aterax make me put om weight, I am using it now for about 3 months?

My friend is also using it for about 4 months but has stopped as she has put on in weight about 10kg.

I suffer from anxiety and Atarax was prescribed to me 4 years ago.

I stopped taking it and my anxiety came back because of a lot of triggers, or it was always there but got worse. so I started taking it again. it is the only pill I am taking. one pill is 25mg and I take half at night, but I am irritated and sleepy the whole day. I have anxiety because of all the... read more

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