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Alzheimer's Disease Questions

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What the best medication is for dementia or alzheimers is? Is seroquel appropriate for sleeplessness

My father is unable to sleep at night and becomes very agitated. He has dementia. Seroquel or risperdol are either appropriate to help with this issue.

How long can a person live with dementia?

once it starts to get worse and not better... how much longer do they have?

What drugs help aggression in Alzheimer's patients?

My father (88) has mid-stage Alzheimers's and is taking Aricept. After a recent stay in the hospital he has become extremely argumentative and paranoid. My mother (81) wants to keep my father at home for as long as possible but the mood swings are getting more difficult to deal with. What drug... read more

Can lorazepam cause Alzheimer's?

I have been taking lorazepam for almost 17 years(most of that time I believe I was taking at least 2-3 mg per day). The last few years I've been taking 5 mg per day. Now I'm taking 4 mg per day. I'm 39 years old and I'm worried about getting Alzheimer's. I 'm mostly... read more

Does clonazepam cause Alzheimer's?

I was prescribed clonazepam by my psychiatrist (I was sent to her as my primary care doctor wasn't comfortable with prescribing some of the medications I was taking). I broke my back and had three surgeries to try and help the pain (didn't help much). My primary care doctor prescribed... read more

Does Klonopin cause Alzheimer’s?

I have been on Klonopin since 2008, taking 1.5 mg since 2018. It’s the only drug that helps my anxiety. I’m almost 60 yrs old and am experiencing significant cognitive decline- can’t remember names, words, confusion, memory problems, etc. No “professional” can answer... read more

Donepezil - Are there any adverse effects of discontinuing aricept abruptly?

If the medication is stopped, will there be any serious effect if it is done abruptly as opposed to tapering it off?

How long does it typically take for Namenda to work its way completely out of your system after?

... going off it? I haven't been able to find this information anywhere. The doctor took my mother off this drug, which is very good, but we don't know how long it will stay in her system. The drug has made her confusion a hundred times worse. Plus it hass made her argumentative,... read more

I take memantine 10mg twice daily, How can I stop taking It?

How can I stop taking it?

Aricept side effects - gastro and fainting - what to do?

My Mom has been taking Namenda for a couple of yrs. We tried to add Exelon twice, but had to stop due to gastrointestinal problems. We're now trying 5 mg/day of Aricept and after one week is already experiencing diarrhea. Has anyone come up with a solution short of taking her off the Aricept?... read more

What are side effect of Donepezil?

Have severe diarrhea with 5mg tablet taken at bedtime

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