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How long to wait before you can use Afrin again?

How long do you have to wait before you can use Afrin again after you use it for 3 days? I need to use it again and it's already been 4 days. When can a person start using it again?

Does Afrin 12 hour PumpMist contain any alcohol?

I have a SCRAM bracelet on my ankle which takes readings thru your sweat as to whether or not you have consumed alcohol ... I had a positive reading after taking the Afrin and I KNOW I did not consume any alcohol. I really need to find an answer to this.

I love the way afrin instantly relieves my stuffy nose, so I can breathe. Why does it also seem to?

... prolong my stuffy cold(s) and I seem to need to use the spray more often to get the same relief, ie shorter dosing times?

Will afrin nasal spray show up positive for a drug screen?

I recently took a drug screen for a job and my testing came up inconclusive so they sent it in to the lab and it came back positive for methamphetamine... Any feed back on that?

Afrin - What thyroid disease is referred to in instructions?

I take Synthroid for low thyroid level. Is this affected by Afrin

When can I use Afrin again?

I used Afrin once a day for three days. It has been three days since I used Afrin. When can I use it again?

Is it OK to to use Afrin every other day for a short period of time?

I understand that you should not use Afrin for 3-5 days. Does this mean 3-5 days continuously?

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