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Adrenalin Questions

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What side effects happen at each dose of 50,000 units of vitamin D?

Posted 24 Nov 2010 by Capitola 68 answers

I took my first dose of 50,000 units of vitamin (D2) this past Friday night. I was prescribed 50,000 units once a week for 12 weeks. I experience adrenalin rush symptoms along with a little shakiness and insomnia. However once I fell asleep, I stayed asleep until I woke up abruptly feeling like I ...

Anybody tried Prazosin for anxiety and or hypervigilance? My therapist thinks I have PTSD actually?

Posted 28 Mar 2016 by howielinux 2 answers

C-PTSD but he isn’t able to Dx it as complex, I know it can help nightmares but how does it help with daily anxiety and surges of adrenalin (been tested for Pheo) I also take Lopressor for BP 50mg but beta blockers never did anything for my anxiety. Any info would be appreciated

Propranolol - I have Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia and was prescribed Proprananol?

Posted 25 Sep 2015 by Storm8 3 answers

It is meant to help with the constant adrenaline surges and heart racing. I am only taking one of the three a day recommended as I am highly sensitive to all medications. Now a month in all good daytime but I have woken during the night to extreme heart racing and other times feeling like it's ...

Is an allergy to the antibiotic Keflex permanent? Had a reaction 15yrs ago, would it still today?

Posted 2 Nov 2015 by Postmoderngeek 1 answer

Allergic to penicillin from age 3. Took several courses of Keflex since and one day at age 19 (16 yrs ago) had a mild swelling reaction treated with adrenaline. Puffing up in my face and neck, got very drowsy and was admitted to hospital. Trying to work out if this would happen again or has my body ...

Pregabalin - Taking 25mg twice per day for 1 month?

Posted 19 Mar 2017 by frogs8484 1 answer

At first I thought this drug was a miracle .It calmed me down, stopped the adrenaline , and stopped my restless legs and inner agitation and restlessness . I've only been on this dose one month and I already think it's stopped working . Is this drug really worth it if I'm going to be ...

What causes adrenalin rushes that lasts for days?

Posted 15 Jan 2012 by koda57 1 answer

When something comes up that worries me i get this extreme rush of adrenalin that doesn't go away until the problem goes away. I;m 54 now and i can deal with it some what better than i could when i was in my 20s. I almost shot myself a couple times back then. It's just so hard to live ...

Sudden adrenaline rush on Seroquel (Quetiapine)?

Posted 30 Sep 2015 by Velvia 1 answer

Hi all - today I moved from 75mg to 150mg and, along with the more potent sedative effects, something rather strange occurred that I am almost certain is due to the medicine: whilst walking, for no apparent reason, I felt a strong adrenaline rush - felt like a jump-scare, if you will. Immediately ...

Would propranolol work for GAD?

Posted 10 May 2016 by EvieB 1 answer

Hi would welcome some advice. I suffer from Generalised Anxiety which is very bad every morning upon waking. My Dr thinks a small dose of a beta blocker before bed would alleviate the Adrenalin rush causing shaking, pins&needles, pulsing throb in face etc. The feelings take most of the day to ...

What can I do about adrenalin surges?

Posted 21 Aug 2016 by mamyjamr 2 answers

After a period of stress and anxiety,I was prescribed 10 mg of Lexapro with a Klonopin bridge which I tapered off after 2 weeks.At around the same time I began experiencing "Surges "which seemed to begin in my stomach and really shook me up,often for the whole day.It seems like they ...

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